How To Make Money Using Embee Mobile Performance Meter App

Can you make money using Embee Mobile Performance Meter?


The Embee Mobile Performance Meter app is a completely different approach to making some extra cash online. Have you ever thought of making some extra money online? 

Most people believe that all online schemes are illegitimate, which is not entirely true. A lot of people make money online, the question is what are they are doing and how much are they making? In this article, we will look at one way of making money – The Embee Mobile Performance Meter App.



Embee Mobile Performance Meter app

What is the Embee Mobile Performance Meter App? 

Embee mobile performance meter app is a mobile application that allows users to accumulate points that can be redeemed into gift cards. So far so good! It runs in the background, collecting data on your phone usage. They promise not to collect your user IDs or passwords and they have a full privacy policy to put your mind at ease.

This app was founded in 2008 and has more than a million users and has been reviewed over 30,000 times on the Google Play Store.


How to sign up

To begin making money, you have to download the application here, after which you will accept the terms of service. You will then be asked a few introductory questions such as your year of birth, gender, and ethnicity. This whole process will not exceed a minute. 

The last thing is to confirm your carrier information, where you will select your mobile provider from several options. The application does not support your device if your mobile carrier is not on the list, however, all the major companies appear so you should be ok.

A screen will then pop-up for you to complete a survey to earn some points, with the whole process earning you around three points. The review entails questions about the cell phone provider and a few ratings. 


How does the app work? 

The Embee Mobile Performance meter runs in the background, and that’s it. You do not have to do anything else! There are no adverts and videos to be clicked and watched. Just download the app, sign up, and let it do its work.

The meter runs whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, but unfortunately, this app does not work on tablets. It works on phones with android version 2.3 and above. The app gathers necessary details about network speeds, how you use your phone, and the time of day.

The data is passed to some big market research companies, who have employed Embee to gather and measure certain set metrics.

Embee offers its clients a whole raft of services, including:

  • Programmatic survey sampling – Instant access to signed up mobile users for real consumer feedback
  • Research desk – Enables researchers access to the right demographic for their company
  • Syndicated behavioral data – Monitors website usage, times, and frequency of visits.
  • On-demand panels –  Grasp a greater understanding of consumers, what they buy, where from, what they watch, and why

So, very simply big brands want to know more about their customers and what they think about their business.  They ask Embee to run some tests and this is where you come in as the guinea pig!


What do you do to earn money? 

You earn points when the application runs in the background. Formerly, people earned fifty points from completing monthly surveys. Nowadays, users receive up to 100 points from monthly reviews. The lowest you can make in a day is ten points. 


How much do you earn? 

The earn rate is based on several factors. This amount, therefore, depends on the type of phone you have and your location. Newer and popular phone models earn higher than the less known models and brands. 

The highest points you can earn in one day is 30. Each point equals a cent. The average user makes around twenty points in a day, which is a good amount when left to accumulate. It will take you around six weeks to earn enough for a $5 Amazon gift card, which is not bad for just having the app running in the background.


How are you paid? 

Unfortunately, this mobile application does not support PayPal. You are eligible to withdraw once you reach 500 points and the gift card is emailed instantly. You can choose different stores when redeeming your points. There are several other payment options, such as Gap, Target, Home Depot, and Amazon. 

All gift card codes are usually e-mailed within twenty-four hours. You can also choose the virtual visa, which is the closest thing to cash this mobile application provides. 


Is it safe?

You might be worried about your device’s safety since this application monitors your phone’s data usage. Fortunately, Embee protects all the information provided by its customers thanks to its privacy policy. This is also included in their Terms of Service.

In case you are still worried, keep in mind that the company processes your phone’s information in aggregated reports to keep your phone’s data anonymous. So, it appears Embee has done all they can to protect your data, so don’t be too concerned about your phone data security. 


Online reviews

Embee mobile performance meter app has over a million users, and therefore, a lot of users have something to say about it. The consensus, however, is that it is a cool way of making cash. Some people also have issues, especially with the monthly surveys. 

Here are some of the pros and cons that we established based on online reviews. 





It is effortless

You will not have to do anything extra once you have installed this mobile application. It runs in the background, accruing points over time. The only time you will engage your app is when redeeming points or participating in monthly surveys. 


It has several redemption options

A lot of people are satisfied with this mobile application’s broad redemption options. You can choose Target, Amazon, Dell, Domino’s, and several other gift card options, and they’re emailed immediately.


Simple user interface

This mobile application has an excellent user interface. Users can, therefore, easily navigate through different sections. It also easily shows you the number of points you currently have. 





It has no PayPal option

This application’s failure to incorporate a PayPal option is a significant setback. Most people use PayPal for online shopping since it is usually cheaper and accessible. You can also shop wherever you want with PayPal. The other redemption options, such as Amazon gift cards, tie you to only one store. 


It has a slow earn rate

The average user earns twenty points a day, which translates to roughly a dollar a week. There are no faster means of earning more points as provided by other sites. Most users, therefore, redeem only five dollars in a month, which is really on the lower side. 


Battery consumption

Most users complain that their batteries drain faster. This app operates in the background, and therefore, consumes a sizeable battery percentage. The application also runs 24 hours a day, and can have a big impact on battery life, particularly on older mobile devices.



This mobile application also uses up data. The meter requires data to run, so an excellent hack is using it while connected to the Wi-Fi. On the brighter side, it does not consume too much data. 



Most people also complain about issues with the monthly surveys when they change to a newer phone. Some also notice a reduction of daily points in new devices. 


Is it legit? 

Yes, it is. Embee Mobile Performance Meter application is not a scam. It has several gift card options that provide means of points redemption. The gift codes are also sent within twenty-four hours via e-mail. 

The Better Business Bureau has graded Embee Mobile D+


Embee Mobile Performance Meter app



This is about as close as you will get to free money.  It costs nothing to download and join and the app simply runs in the background – you may even forget it’s there! Even though there’s no PayPal cashout option there are a lot of large, household big brands to choose git cards from.

The app doesn’t be a huge drain on your devices’ performance and even though it may run the battery down quicker than other apps, it’s still worth a try. You’re not going to earn enough from the app to pay bills etc, but you will have enough for a small gift every month.  

And that’s a good thing, right? If you are looking for a simple means of making money, this mobile application is the way to go. 

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