How to Make Money Online With PayPal 2020

How to Make Money Online With PayPal


If you’re thinking of making money online, you have to be very keen on your choice of a preferred payment method. A poor choice can lead to payment delays, a lack of customer trust, and other inconveniences. In that regard, PayPal is a secure, fast, and the most commonly used means of payment for many online businesses and freelancers.

That creates the potential to make money online with PayPal. Here are some of those money-making opportunities.



  • Mobile Apps

You may be amazed at the number of Mobile Apps that can pay you cash through PayPal. A preliminary investigation showed over 90 Android and iPhone apps that pay you to use them. Well, some only compensate you through gift cards, but the majority pay via PayPal once you accumulate enough points.



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Here are a few examples you may want to try out:

  • Free Eats:  Earn $1 for signing up after which you will be sent text ads and get paid
  • Perk: Perk rewards you for watching TV. You can transfer the cash to your account once you raise an equivalent of $0.25.
  • IQ: Earn for answering the questions sent by others through text.
  • SlideJoy: Here, you are paid for placing ads on your phone’s lock. It doesn’t matter whether you interact with them or not, you will receive your cash via PayPal.
  • Iconzoomer: The App pays you for taking photos while at your favorite malls and restaurants. They also accept pictures of your events as long as they are in tune with the App prompts.


  • Adme: This one displays ads on your lock screen and pays you once you have accumulated $10 in earnings.
  • Field Agent: Earn and cash out for doing random mystery shopping tasks within your neighborhood.
  • PointPrizes: You are awarded points to complete newsletter signups and app downloads. You can then convert the points into PayPal cash.
  • Fronto:  Allow Fronto’s partners’ ads on your phone lock and earn via PayPal.
  • Ibotta: Here is a shopping app that dishes out cash-back rewards for shopping and scanning receipts. You cash out once you have accumulated $20.
  • Rewardable: Watch videos, answer trivia questions, give product feedback, and earn.
  • Loot: Post photos of your favorite brands on social media. You could also take photos with such products and posts. You cash out your money via PayPal once you reach the $10 threshold.
  • Receipt Hog: Scan receipts into the App and earn. These help in market research.
  • MobiSave: Works pretty much like Ibotta by giving cashback on purchased items. They have no minimum limit of withdrawal.
  • Qriket: A live game app that pays you for predicting the right color on which the wheel will land.


  • Writing Online

This is not as easy as it may sound, but if you are a top writer, you will get lots of money through PayPal. Businesses and professionals are launching their websites every day, and these sites need regular content. Many of them place their content orders through major writing sites which typically pay through PayPal.

Some examples of the writing sites that pay via PayPal are:



To get writing jobs on those sites, you typically have to bid for them against other writers. Therefore, you can compile a few relevant samples to give potential clients an idea of your writing capabilities, and boost your chances of getting the job. 


  • Complete Online Cash Surveys

There are various survey companies that you can choose to work with and earn by sharing your opinion with others. Some of the companies with a reputation for making timely payments via PayPal are:

  • Ebates – rewards you $10 for signing up
  • InboxDollars – rewards you $5 for signing 
  • SendEarnings – rewards you $5 for signing up
  • Swagbucks– gives you $5 for signing up
  • Survey Junkie
  • Pinecone research 


Joining is generally free, although they have a cap on their membership limit. So, the earlier you join the better.



  • Blog Giveaways

Identify a blog giveaway and enter the requested information. You may be required to accomplish a few tasks. In this case, you may visit a Facebook Page or simply comment on a blog post. This qualifies you to be entered into a giveaway. Bloggers prefer PayPal cash and gift cards because they are easy to send electronically, without having to worry about the shipping cost.

Keep your list of those that you have joined so you can check later to know the winners. Some regular blog giveaways are Bloggy Giveaways, Giveaway Promote, and Family Focus Blog.


  • Sell Your Stuff

If you have decided to de-clutter your house by selling off the extra items, then PayPal may be your best payment gateway. Sales websites like eBay and Etsy primarily moderate such transactions. Whether you want to sell gift cards, homemade crafts, or used furniture, they will provide you with a secure platform to transact and make your cash.

Even on classified ad sites like Craiglist, you can request payment via PayPal. 


  • Work as an Online Tutor

Several websites provide platforms for you to tutor students online. One such site is Chegg. Here, your reputation as a tutor gets better based on the rating given by your students. They pay weekly by depositing earnings into your PayPal account. 



  • Transcribe 

This niche comprises a sizable fraction of the online workforce. You need to have a keen sense of listening and a competitive typing speed. The sites that are best known for transcription services and pay via PayPal are and TranscribeMe. They are free to join, although you have to undertake the skill assessment test before getting started.



  • Toner and Ink Cartridges for Cash

Do you regularly print documents and photos? If you have any unused ink or toner cartridges, make some money by sending them to Toner Connect. These guys will pay you in PayPal cash for all the extra ink and toner cartridges. In some cases, they even deposit the money in PayPal before you ship the items. Once you get the alert, send the goods as soon as possible, and the payment will be released into your account.


  • Telephone Mystery Shopping

Call Center QA  is a telephone mystery shopping platform that lets you make calls to specified businesses pretending to be their potential customer and asking questions. It’s a typical “work at home” idea where you stand to earn $5 for each call and feedback. You receive payment via PayPal, seven business days after task approval.  


  • Affiliate Marketing 

This is one of the best ways to make money with PayPal, once you have mastered the ropes. With affiliate marketing, you can get to a point where money just trickles into your account without doing much. First of all, you need to set up a niche blog and place your referral links to targeted websites, services, or products. You will be paid as soon as someone uses your referral link to purchase the product or service.

Some affiliate marketing hotspots are Shopify, Amazon, and Gumroad.




  • Save Cash on Groceries 

Saving money can be just as good as making money. The best app that you can use to save cash on groceries is IbottaOpen the App and select the stores you prefer to shop at. You will find the available offers. Add those offers to your selected items to your Ibota account and continue shopping.

After shopping, scan all the receipts’ barcodes into your phone. The App will credit all the cash that you have saved to your Ibota account.  You can then move the cash to your PayPal account once you hit the $20 minimum threshold.


Ibotta is linked to over 300 stores, and these include Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Albertson’s, Walgreen’s, CVS Pharmacy, Publix, Costo, and many more. Ibotta offers extra cash for other actions like referring friends and even signing up. Furthermore, you also make all these grocery savings without the hassle of printing or clipping coupons.


  • Become a Virtual Assistant

Website owners tend to become busier as their business grows. This usually creates the need for a virtual assistant and the position can take various forms. For instance, someone can hire you to manage their website by:

  • optimizing content to enable the website to rank on Google
  • managing email accounts
  • managing social media accounts  

Such tasks aim to help the blog owner to reach a wider audience. Since they have other engagements, they choose to outsource.



  • Earn from Listening to Music with Slice the Pie

Did you know that you can visit a music site, enjoy the music and still be paid for it? Well, now, you know. Slice the Pie offers you one such opportunity. You will be paid through PayPal especially for:

  • rating songs
  • writing brief reviews of tracks done by upcoming artists

The more you participate and give accurate rates, the better your pay rate. Remember that you need at least $10 in your account to withdraw, and payments are usually made on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Some of these ideas are so simple that you could just try them out immediately without any concerns about investment capital. If you’re unsure of where to start, then go for an idea that resonates with your talents. That way, you will make money while having fun. For example, if you love music, then Slice the Pie is a good place to start.

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