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Ruby Ribbon Review: Apparel Company with Earning Potential


Ruby Ribbon is both well established and respected with a loyal customer base.  Their mission statement is simple – to celebrate real women, with real bodies, provide them real comfort to give them real confidence.

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They’re clearly very good at it and are looking for new stylists to join them on their mission.  The question is, just how good of an earning opportunity is it?


What is Ruby Ribbon?

Ruby Ribbon is a network and marketing company that sells apparel. Founded in 2011 by Anna Zornosa, they operate on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system and their main goal is to network a community of women together. A majority of their sales are dedicated to shapewear and undergarments, with their unique designs and patterns for their apparel that are not found in any other brand. Ruby Ribbon focuses on unique shapewear and undergarments, such as camis that can be used as bra alternatives.  

Many women dislike wearing a bra, as they can feel restricting and uncomfortable. By wearing a supportive cami, you are able to enjoy support without the discomfort. Ruby Ribbon also has a large range of sizes and colors; their range goes as large as XXL. This is not common for other brands and sets them apart. 


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Are they expensive?

The price of apparel at Ruby Ribbon is on the more expensive side. This is a great benefit for sales associates that are selling because the higher the price of the item, the more money there is to be made with the brand. 

Quality is a major factor in the price of their apparel.  The pieces are fantastic quality and are tailored to the body and last for many years. They give their customers a 30-day money-back guarantee or a 60-day free exchange. They are unlike other shapewear that falls apart after a few washes and they have high ratings and reviews. It is true women with larger busts have difficulty finding a bra that fits, however, Ruby Ribbon’s sizes go as high as 40DD. Other shapewear and undergarment brands do not feature this type of variety in their sizes. 

Ruby Robbin also offers a good selection of clothing such as tank tops and leggings. Their clothing is also priced on the more expensive side with a pair of leggings that can cost as much as $89.00. However, it appears their entire collection has high ratings, which implies customers are willing to pay the price for quality and durability. 


How popular is Ruby Ribbon?

According to Google Trends, Ruby Ribbon has seen a steady rise in search traffic over the past 5 years, and is very consistent throughout the year.  Normally, we’d see a spike as sales are seasonal with clothing brands, but what is appealing here is the consistency of interest.


Source: Google Trends


This is important if you are relying on it for an income.

Some other stats:

  • 33000 Google searches for Shapewear each month
  • 69000 for Bra’s
  • 36000 for Swimwear
  • 13000 for Ruby Ribbon themselves
  • 2000 for Camis


It’s clear the market is huge and Ruby Ribbon is right up there as a market leader.  


How to earn money with Ruby Ribbon

There are two main ways to make money with Ruby Ribbon.  Firstly, you sell the merchandise and earn commission off the apparel. This selling position is known as a distributor. Secondly, is to work as part of a building team. A distributor won’t be paid commission off of their new hires until they actually sell product. They make a profit off of these sales. 

The idea is to sell directly to people at Trunk Shows, organized by a hostess.  You also have the option of arranging a virtual Trunk Show. The customer will order via the website and the stock is sent out centrally.  This is a really good thing as you do not have to purchase huge amounts of stock, just a few samples to show off.

You can signup here


What is like?



Their website is quick to load, easy to navigate and their stock is well advertised.  You can easily find their product line from the top tabs or by scrolling down the page and clicking through.  Adding items to your cart is easy too. We did not see it cluttered with Google ads (how annoying are they??!) or with their own popups, instead it looked clean, bright with great product images.  Current deals and offers were prominent.

At the bottom of the homepage are the usual tabs, such as FAQ and their mission statement, which if being picky should be at the top. There are separate tabs for becoming a Stylist or Host and both provide you information before a signup page is offered.  Thumbs up to that!


What is the commission?

The commission ranges from 20-40%, depending upon your sales and ranking in the company. Ruby Ribbon allows sales associates to start off slowly with a 25% commission on sales alone. You do not need to recruit any other sales associate in order to earn the 25%. This is a major benefit for women who want to sell at a slower pace and don’t feel comfortable reaching out to other potential associates yet. 

The next step up from this is the phase of recruitment. If you recruit another sales associate, you earn 3% off of their commission. Can you see how this can quickly snowball?


How to advance and earn more money 

The minimum of sales is $300 of product within three months, and this is easy to do with the price point of each product being as high as it is. Not to mention their huge product line. If you earn more in a month, you receive a Stylist Sponsor Bonus. This is how Ruby Ribbon encourages sales associates to sell more and ultimately become a distributor in the company. 

The first two ranks of the company are focused on solely selling. After this, you need to begin building a team of sales associates. 


What are the sales ranks?



Senior Stylist is the first team ranking you can achieve. In order to obtain this level, you need at least one Stylist working in your team, as well as $1,500 in sales. The commission for Senior Stylist is 30%. In order to make the partnership with Ruby Ribbon substantial, workers are encouraged to go even higher on the ranks.  There are 5 more levels in team leadership. All of these positions will earn 40% commission, as well as a 4% Sponsor Bonus. 

The levels include:

  • Central Team Member
  • 1st Generation Team Bonus
  • 2nd Generation Team Bonus
  • 3rd Generation Team Bonus
  • 4th Generation Team Bonus. 

This type of selling system works well as long as you have a large enough team. With dozens of sales associates under you, you would be able to earn a much larger income than if you only had one or two associates. When these associates are making regular sales, you are able to make enough as well as a percentage of their commission. 

However, with each level of achievement also comes a level of responsibility.  To maintain sales rank you must:

  • Make a total of $4,500 in sales for the entire team.
  • $1500 of that total must be made by you personally.
  • Maintain a total of 3 active Stylists to maintain your role as a team leader/ distributor.

The sales totals are evaluated monthly, which means distributors have a month to gain these sales from themselves and their team members. It all comes down to how many sales associates you have in the team, how many parties they hold, and how good they are at their jobs.  Personal motivation is key!


How much can you earn?

The income generated from Ruby Ribbon will greatly depend based on your position in the company. The higher up you are on the ranks, the more you will earn. For this reason, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact amount. Income can vary from as low as $2,500 annually for an associate to $95,000+ annually for the highest rank.  

Obviously you will need to find regular customers who are local to you and who can afford the higher price points.  Trunk Shows have been proven to make money, that’s why companies continue to go down that path. Usually, if one person at the party makes a purchase it spurs others on to make one too.  It’ll largely depend on your personality and motivation to keep arranging the shows.

Where Ruby Ribbon shines is their desire to create products to replace ones that make women feel uncomfortable.  Ask yourself this. How many bras does one woman own? If they like the products you’re selling there’s a strong possibility they will buy as many as they have bras!


Is Ruby Ribbon legit?

Online reviews for the company have been positive as the selling experience is very pleasant. The products are priced higher than most, which indicates they are higher quality than other companies with similar products. Women can join Ruby Ribbon and see sales right away, as they will earn a 25% base commission. This is relatively high compared to other MLM networks. 

Although not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, they have graded it B+.


ruby ribbon


There’s no doubt that you can earn money from Ruby Ribbon, but whether you can earn enough to replace a salary is unknown.  No one can tell you that as there are so many factors and variables. What we do know is for you to earn decent money it’ll take time, effort, energy, and a reliance on others (your sales associates).  Only you will know if you have the time to invest in it but, we believe there are easier ways to make money online.

Ruby Ribbon is not a passive income as you are trading hours for pay, but if you have always fancied working in the fashion sector, and know enough women who can buy from you, then why not give it a shot?  We really like the ethos of the company and how they want to make women feel more comfortable and confident, and it’s a credit to them they have found a gap in the market.  They clearly have a really loyal customer base, who no doubt purchase multiple items and so your earning potential is good.

Their website is very good and they have a huge product range, so potentially a lot of orders can come your way from each person? You will be selling top quality, high-end goods and that’s half the battle.  The idea of virtual Trunk Parties is really intriguing to us. Facebook loves live video content so why not create a private group and host on there? Start slowly and see how you get on!  You will always have the support of your Stylist.


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