How To Make Money Using 1Q App

Can you make money using 1Q App?


Welcome to our review of the 1Q app! Have you been looking for different ways that you can start making money online during your free time? There are many things that you can do to start making money online. You can complete surveys, write blogs, become an influencer, and many more. 

Unfortunately, many websites are promising to pay, but they don’t. Most of the companies offering online jobs are not real and don’t pay. If you have been looking for legit ways to start making money online during your free time, the 1Q app is there for you. 


What is the 1Q app?


1Q app is one of the rare money making apps that sounds so good to be true, but it is. Keith Rinzler is the founder and CEO, which he launched in 2015. According to Keith Rinzler, market researchers should be paying consumers when they want information from them. His main goal of starting this company was to stop market researchers from using consumers as a non-value commodity.  If they want your opinion then they pay for it.  Simple as that!

It’s available from the Google Play store and has been downloaded over 500,000 times and rated 4.4 out of 5 from its users.

What does 1Q do?

Businesses and companies, which are their clients, submit questions, or a series of questions and choose who they want to answer their questions in terms of location and demographics. Consumers or users that fit or meet the requirements, set by the client when submitting the question, are prompted to respond to the client’s request. 

1Q charges its client $1 per question and pays its consumers $0.25 or $0.50 every time they respond to the request. Unlike other online survey companies and apps, 1Q is unique as it gives the user an option to choose whether to earn $.25 or $.50. 1Q pays its consumers via PayPal when they respond to the client’s request. You don’t have to wait until you have $100 or any other set amount to withdraw your money. 

Every time you answer a survey question, you receive $.25 or $.50 in your PayPal account immediately. 1Q also pays its consumers when they invite their friends using a referral link. Once a new person registers using a referral link, the referrer receives $0.25 in his or her PayPal account. 

The app is available to any business, anywhere in the world.  What makes this appealing to them is 1Q will only direct their questions or offers to the right group of people, and at the right time they want it sent out.


What’s the appeal to a business?

  • Customer responses in real-time.  Users get paid immediately and this means faster answers
  • Target the right audience based on attitudes, location, behavior, as well as the general demographics like age, sex, etc
  • Businesses can re-target respondees as many times as they want to and over what period.
  • No review or wait authorization process from 1Q to questions asked or offers raised.

What’s the appeal to you?

  • Only be sent questions relevant to you
  • Targeted offers based on your exact location
  • Each question takes around 5 seconds to answer
  • Support charities if you wish
  • Mobile friendly


Making money with 1Q app

We’ve touched on the basics of this app already, you simply get paid per response you give.


How to sign up to 1Q app


To start making money, you should first register for 1Q on their website. After registering, you should download the 1Q app for iOS or Android, and then log in to your created account. Because they only want to send you questions relevant to you, there are several boxes you need to complete on the signup form.

An easier way is to signup with Facebook as it’ll extract a lot of your data automatically.  Once you verify your account by the authorization number they’ll text you, you’re all set. To maximize your earnings, you should make sure to enable the location feature and complete your profile page. 

Doing that will increase the number of questions you will get. Remember, the more questions you respond to, the more money you make. 


How do you get questions?

You’ll be notified of a question relevant to you directly on your mobile via push notifications, so make sure your settings are good to accept these. You can also accept text message questions. The easiest way to get questions is by downloading the 1Q app directly onto your mobile device.

They will never send you questions by email, so if you do start getting them please mark them as Spam. There is no set number of questions that you should answer per hour or day. But some people get more questions than others, due mainly to the difference in their location and demographic data.

Businesses that are not global prefer to have their questions answered by their potential customers. If you fail to enable the location feature, you will receive fewer questions than other consumers because you will only be allowed to respond to global survey questions. Leaving your profile page uncomplete will also reduce the number of survey questions you will get. 


Are there any bonuses?

Another great way you can make money on 1Q is by inviting your friends to register using your referral link. Whenever someone joins from your referral link, you will be receiving $0.25 on your PayPal account.


Are there any restrictions?

The only restriction you will get when working with 1Q is time limits. The company sending the questions sets its time limits, which is understandable as one of 1Q’s main USP’s is real-time feedback. Once it receives the number of responses it wants, or reaches the time limit, the Askvert closes.

To maximize your earnings, you should respond to the Askvert immediately and submit your response in the shortest time possible. It is best to have a smartphone as you can access their app to answer more questions, however, if you don’t you can still accept text message questions.


How will they pay you?

1Q sends you your money immediately, as soon as you submit your response. You also receive money immediately when your friend registers to 1Q. The instant PayPal payment makes 1Q unique. You don’t have to wait for a certain number of days or until you earn a certain amount of money to receive your money. 

To sync your PayPal account just signup to 1Q using the same email address.  If you have changed email addresses you can input your PayPal email address via your profile settings inside the app.


How much can you earn?

How much you can earn on 1Q depends on several factors. If you have much free time and you can respond to many Askverts (survey questions), you can make more than $100 in a month. The number of people you invite will also determine how much you will earn. For every one person you invite, you will receive $0.25 on your PayPal account.

So if you invite 100 people in a month, you will pocket $25. You can invite as many people as you can. Where you are living also plays a major role in determining how much you can earn. People in some states get more questions than others. The more Askverts you get, the more you can earn. 1Q also gives you an option to choose how much you want to earn when you respond to a survey question. 

You can either earn $0.25 or $0.50. $0.50 is many people’s choice, but if you want to get more questions, you should select $0.25. Remember, the more survey questions you get and respond to, the more money you make. 


Are there any joining fees?

No there aren’t.  It is entirely free for you to join and use.

1Q reviews

Some people have been making good money with 1Q. Many consumers are happy about the app, but some are complaining about getting fewer questions. Many of the consumers are also happy about the fact that the questions are easy and don’t take more than a minute to answer.

According to many of its consumers, it is a must-have app for everyone who wants to make money online. 


Is 1Q Legit?

There are many online scams, but 1Q is one of the rare companies that you should trust. It does not promise free thousands of dollars, but it is your efforts that can make you earn thousands. It has been there since 2015. Consumers are not complaining of late or missing payments. All you need is a PayPal account to receive your money.

With as many downloads as it has, we can safely say it is not a scam!




As side hustles go this is a fairly decent one.  Being paid immediately is very unusual as there’s normally a minimum threshold to reach. That being said, you are going to have to answer a lot of questions to make any real cash.  Plus, there’s the unknown of whether you fit the criteria for a question or offer.

The app won’t take up much space of your smartphone and they’ll never share or sell your data, so it’s worth a go.  If you don’t get on well with it you can always delete it and move on!


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