How to Make Money Using Color Street

Can you make money with Color Street?

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Does the word Color Street sound familiar to you? If not, here is the meaning. This company makes and sells beautiful, exclusive nail art products. This article aims to answer some questions you might have about the company, in particular, whether you can make some decent cash by joining them!  


What is Color Street?

Founded by Fa Park who took inspiration from the energy of the 1980’s New York City, Color Street sells a vast selection of nail art and varnish colors. Their mission is to encourage entrepreneurs to join their ranks and sell their products by direct sales, something Park has experience in.  The direct selling at hosted parties is a great idea for this type of product as it allows up close and personal demonstrations.


Is Color Street an MLM?

 Many people wonder if it is a scam or a legit multi-level marketing company (MLM). Is that your thought? This is an MLM company and stands to be among the best as it allows you to work flexible hours, earn commissions on your sales and earn repeat business.

The great thing about this product line is that it is evergreen, meaning people want, and perhaps need, it all year round. There won’t be a huge seasonal spike, such as December, and it’ll be just as popular in the summer months. The product line with Color Street is huge and so finding a color that suits all your customers is going to be fairly straightforward.


How do you make money with Color Street? 

So, can you make money in this company, and how can you do so? A lot of effort is involved in earning money in the business, and quite several people don’t stay long in it. The simple reason is that it requires an established network of customers to continue earning, and setting up the parties is quite hard work.

Remember, not everyone will be buying from you and so all that effort could be wasted!

As with any MLM, there are two options for earning money:

  • Making direct sales to get commission
  • Building a team by referring them to the company

Both options aren’t secure, but for an individual with excellent network and sales skills, you can maneuver through and earn some cash. 


How to become a Color Street Stylist 

Since it doesn’t require expertise or experience, becoming a stylist in the company is possible for anyone. You only need to be passionate, persistent, and have the zeal towards your prospects in joining the company. However, the more you stay, the higher rank you will get. It will also translate to higher earnings. 

Reaching that level isn’t easy, but it is possible. To become a stylist, you need to acquire an enrolment kit of $129. This comprises the products you will use to roll your business, including the nail bars, catalogs, and samples, among other things.

For you to attain the ranks, you must have many bonuses. It means that you are capable of selling products valued at $300 within a month. It’s hard but possible. Other rules regulate the levels of ranks like GV (group volume). Again, this refers to how much those in your team must bring in at month-end.

color street

For instance, if you are in level four and have people under you (competent squad), then they must sell a total of $6000 in a month to qualify you for the next level. That isn’t always possible and proves the challenge of rising in the company.

The problem with MLM’s is their compensation structure is complicated, especially when you start to build your own sales teams!  You all need to be active and selling, hit certain criteria etc, before you unlock the next rank and bonuses.


What products do Color Street sell?

Nail polish strips 

The company’s flagship product is nail polish strips that allow you to make typical patterns that you couldn’t easily do yourself. The strips are meant to last about two weeks after applying, and sometimes you can remove them earlier if you prefer doing that. 

The package you acquire majorly contains 16 of these strips that you can cut to the desired size and put on the nails. The strips are positively reviewed by most users who, once they know how to apply to their nails, appear to like them. 

An advantage of buying from Color Street is price affordability. The strips aren’t expensive, like those of other companies, and certainly cheaper than getting them professionally applied at a beauty salon.


Nail patterns 

You can choose from the range of nail patterns available. These patterns are cheap, different in colors, and fun to use. Everyone is catered for regardless of complexion, nail size, and length. Additionally, Color Street offers more than 95 sets of style to choose from, making it ideal for stylish individuals. 

Look out also for the fantastic variety of colors that accompany each set of products.


What is in the Color Street enrolment kit? 

When you join the company and pay $129, that money buys your enrolment kit.  You can upgrade and obtain a luxurious package at $299.

The contents of the kit are:

  • catalogs
  • brochures
  • tote bags
  • small files
  • nail buffers
  • files
  • remover pads
  • set of nail patterns & strips
  • testers
  • and cuticle sticks. 

These items are meant to start you off in your journey as a stylist in the company, and selling them can be a good sign of progress. The basis of the kits is to provide you with enough items to demonstrate the product lines, how they work, how they look, and to practice applying them.


Will you get a discount as a stylist? 

Some who have worked in the company mention that no discount is received on the products; instead, you can earn free stuff from the competitions conducted every month. The set commission is 25%, and stylists get paid every Wednesday. 

Selling more than $600 a month earns you a 3% bonus on made sales and this is paid the next month, on the first Wednesday.


Is Color Street a good side hustle?

The chance of you succeeding in the company depends on you. Do you have a passion for beauty products, art, or business? For some, it is an ideal business, and others can refute the idea. All the same, if you plan to invest in the company, remember that two ways of making money are available – make sales or build a team. 

Both of these will only prove successful deals when you establish yourself and are ready to face the task. Personally, it is a trial and error game and there are no guarantees of success.

You can be the best direct salesperson in the world, but your earnings are limited to you.  Building a team does provide an opportunity to earn a real passive income, but you have to recruit the right people. Don’t forget, the new team members will face the same battles and issues you will.  How long will they last?  If they’re not active, you don’t earn commissions and you don’t rise the ranks to receive higher rewards.


How much can you earn?

Stylists under your level earn you a 3% commission on their sales. According to their most recent Income Disclosure Statement, less than 1% get over $ 28,000 annually, with the exemption of costs. 



To earn more like $90,000 requires you to be an Executive, and that isn’t easy.  You will need to directly manage a Senior Director and two Directors. 99.8% of stylists rarely qualify to reach there.  That says it all.


Recruiting a sales team 

This involves getting people onboard to make sales for you. The bigger your team is, the higher your potential earnings. If you’re passionate about making quick money, get the right salespeople to join you. You might not sell anything for a month, but a team member’s success earns you cash.

Bonuses will spring up as your team grows, and you will attain higher levels meaning more income.


Color Street hosted parties 

There’s an opportunity to attract more sales by having Color Street parties in your home. Doing so might cost you much money, and higher chances are that; you might not sell anything.  It’s weird to invite people over for a party to sell your products to them. Some might not even be interested. But, if you do host such events, ensure you spend moderately!


What are the reviews of Color Street like?

The Better Business Bureau has graded this company an F!  That is horrendous. Reviews of their products does fair better with positive reviews for their price and quality. has 13 reviews from employees, with an overall score of 4.8/5


color street reviews

Can you sell on your website?

The advantage of working with Color Street is that you are allowed to have your website and can share your products on social media to boost your presence. However, the website is communal and is ordinary and you are not allowed to update it like you would if it was truly your own.  It looks the same as the next stylist’s site!



The fact is it’s among the best-reviewed MLMs selling an evergreen product that the mass market desires, so it provides an opportunity for you.How good that opportunity depends on you.  The limitations are quite many as well. If you’re interested in network marketing, then consider it an ideal choice. 

Remember, patience, passion, perseverance, and hard work are necessary for you to climb the ladder to the top and become the high earners within the company. The chances are you won’t get there though because of the way the compensation structure is laid out.

This is not the best way to make money online or even the best side hustle.  Affiliate marketing provides you with the best chance to make money whilst you sleep, and whilst it competitive if you invest in your learning you stand a really good chance of making good money.

Imagine being financially free, not having to rely on anyone else to earn your money, nor even having a boss? All that is possible with online affiliate marketing, and you can start to learn it right here!

Lastly, whatever decision you make should be personal and based on your interests.


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