How To Make Money Using Cross Media Panel

Can you make money using Cross Media Panel?


Cross Media Panel is one of those pieces of software that scans how you use the internet to improve and develop new products.  You have to apply to download their app and you will be rewarded, but exactly how much? We have reviewed the company to see how good an earning opportunity this is for you.  Is it true passive income or will you be selling your data on the cheap?

First of all, here’s a bit more about them.


What is Cross Media Panel?

It’s a company that began as Screenwise Trends Panel before Google acquired it later on in June 2016 and renamed it Cross Media Panel. The company is a Google-sponsored market research project for collecting data on the internet about user interaction and consumption for the sake of generating ads and delivering more relevant digital products and services to registered users online. 

Cross Media Panel pays you to browse the web. They also use that information to improve on current digital products and user experience throughout the web. The program requires a Chrome extension as well as a mobile app that accesses both iOS and Android devices. 

Besides, note that chrome extension belongs to Google now, and using Firefox or Explorer isn’t applicable for the project. What happens is that the software is designed to operate in the background while you use your devices. It gathers relevant information about the way you use the web when it comes to Google products and services.

So, the data of the searches you make on Google, Gmail clicks, and YouTube usage shall all be gathered if they come from Google-sponsored sites. 


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Is Cross Media Panel safe?

Cross Media Panel comprises of thousands of customers already. You don’t have to be bothered that the collected data would include your name and address because it won’t. Rather it will only be enough data for a demographic reference for the expert team doing the study.

The money you earn using the software increases the longer you keep the app live on your devices, and obviously, the more you search the internet. These are earnings that you can later exchange for gift cards, as well as any online vouchers you choose.


What is the website like? 

The Cross Media Panel website is a reputable platform run by Research Now Inc., one of the top digital data collection companies in the world. Besides, it’s a Google-owned panel, and Google is the face of internet tech. Apart from being free to join and mobile-friendly, the Screenwise meter app is easy to use and only requires you to do a simple download and installation for it to run in the background while you surf online. 

The app is specifically built to have zero-interference with your devices and your internet activities. The website has a user-friendly way to navigate to the landing page, though more detailed information about the page would still be welcome. 

In general, the briefness of the site in terms of explanation makes it pretty professional, warm, and vibrant even in its color scheme. 


How to sign up to Cross Media Panel

To join Cross Media Panel, you sign up for a new account. It takes only a few steps, but a user only signs up a single account as opening multiple accounts in one household is not authorized. 

To sign up your account, here are simple steps you should follow:

  • Click their welcome link to sign up to the site
  • Verify your email address
  • Click the Screenwise Meter app to install
  • Begin surfing the web as usual
  • Redeem the time you’ve spent with gift card rewards.

Joining is restricted to 18-year-olds and above, and they must be based in the U.S. 


How much will you earn using Cross Media Panel?

How much you’ll earn with Cross Media Panel is based on the number of devices you accept to share for the marketing study. If you register only one device, the installation bonus you earn will be $2, plus a $1 weekly reward.

Registering two devices increases the installation bonus you earn to $4 plus, a $2 weekly reward. If you register three devices, the installation bonus will be $6 plus $3 weekly bonus. When this earning accumulates in your account to a minimum of $5, you’re allowed to cash it out for any electronic gift cards you choose. 

The gift cards include Amazon, Walmart, and Target so they are easily redeemed. Within 24 – 48 hours, or even sooner, they will reach your inbox. That’s easy money that you would start earning upon installing their browser extension on your devices.


Are there any restrictions?

Cross Media Panel restricts membership in the platform to only US residents. Besides, membership is also restricted to an invitation from an existing registered member.

When it comes to using smartphones, mobile devices, and desktops, only devices that are compatible with the Screenwise extension and app are applicable.



How are you paid?

For the first withdrawal request, there’s a $25 minimum payout threshold. And for subsequent withdrawal requests, the minimum payout threshold is only $5. Remember that with Cross Media Panel, you don’t get paid in cash. Rather, redeeming your rewards for gift cards that come from the biggest companies in business is what happens. 

The superbrands include Starbucks, Amazon, Nike, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and many others. Besides, within 48 hours, the redemption gets processed. 


What people say about Cross Media Panel

The company has a good reputation among users as they report a high level of satisfaction with its services. They are appreciative of the user-friendliness of the application, especially its ability to operate in the background of their devices without interfering with their devices and internet activity. 

The only actual issue users find worth pointing out about Cross Media Panel is the limitation of the weekly earnings at $1 per device, with not more than 3 devices linked to each account. The approach is generally perceived as a no-brainer considering the little input the site requires from users.

Real interaction with the applicable only occurs when a survey invitation engages users to respond. 


Is Cross Media Panel legit or a scam?

After having learned from this resourceful information on what the company is about, we can ascertain that Cross Media Panel is legitimate. It’s not a scam looking to get people’s data for unscrupulous reasons. 

The website is helping many people to make money. Besides, it’s owned by Google, which is not only one of the biggest tech giants in the world, but also an incredibly reliable business with massive success globally. 

This is a good reason to be certain that this app is not one of those bogus sites that emerge with a lot of hype, only to disappear after scamming people. 



Whilst joining this scheme won’t make you rich it is a good option to save a little money.  Those trips to Starbucks add up and you could get a couple of free coffees each week! It is an invitation-only access and that’s a downside as not everyone is going to be able to join.

We researched the privacy aspect a lot and found it to be completely safe with no concerns about any data or personal details breaches. As long as you don’t mind companies monitoring your web usage then this could be a great fit for you and your family.  


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