How To Make Money Using Grindabuck

How to Make Money Using Grindabuck



Thanks for stopping by and we hope you find our detailed Grindabuck review helpful! Earning extra money is always a good idea. Especially if you can just do this using your smartphone. Since you have it with you all the time, it is more convenient to find get-paid-to (GPT) websites where you can access anytime.

GPT websites are where you do some small tasks to earn their currency and you can claim it via gift cards or even as cash.  Grinabuck is one of them, so what is it and how much money can you earn?


What is Grindabuck?

One of the GPT sites that you can try is Grindabuck. It was founded in 2014 by Grindabit Interactive. This is where you can earn money from answering surveys, watching videos, and complete offers on their offer wall.  There are more tasks that you can do to earn such as shopping, trying out some products, participating in their contests, listening to music and a lot more!

It looks like you can earn with Grindabuck by:

  • Viewing ads
  • Taking surveys
  • Trying new products
  • Complete micro tasks
  • Mobile offers
  • Downloads
  • Emails submits
  • Watching videos




Let’s delve a bit deeper into some of what Grindabuck offers.  

Complete Surveys:

Having the option of taking a survey is not unique to just Grindabuck, it’s the staple of what these sites are all about.  Here’s this thing though with Grindabuck.  You have to take a pre-survey before the actual one as you may or may not be the right demographic for it. If you make it through that round then you answer the actual survey and upon completion, you can claim the reward.  Most surveys are short and it doesn’t take too long to complete.

If you didn’t fit the profile for that survey then don’t worry as there’s a lot of different ones to pick from.


You’ll find these on the Grindabuck offer walls and once again these are not unique to Grindabuck.  There will be some paid offers displayed that once you click on it it’ll take you to a completely different website, in a new pop up. The offers will come with instructions and it’s important to read these fully otherwise you may not get rewarded.  Like anything, some are better than others so worth doing some clicking first to find the best one for you.

You will likely be taking a survey, playing a game or quiz.



This one is really simple.  Just watch videos!  They’ll be around half a minute long and the more you watch the more you earn. In our experience watching videos is not as good an earner as say taking surveys or playing games but it depends on your situation at the time.  If you’re on the bus into work it might be nice to earn a little extra and it’s fun too.


Download Apps:

This is likely linked to the paid offers to play games as you have to download apps etc.  But, you can be rewarded for just the download itself.  Just be careful with this one as it’s unlikely to earn you much reward and you’ll end up with pointless apps clogging up your device!



This can be quite lucrative.  In essence, Grindabuck wants their platform to grow and rather than spend huge amounts of advertising it they offer current users rewards for referring friends and family. Once they’ve signed up you receive 10% of what they earn and they get a small bonus just for taking up your offer.

Monthly bonuses:

This is a nice feature and shows that Grindabuck cares about your activity levels on the site.  Each month you have the chance to be rewarded for your efforts and there are 3 reward levels. Bronze – 50+ completions and 5000 points.  You’ll get 100 Grindabuck points and 2% bonus



Silver – 100+ completions and 10000 points.  You’ll get 300 Grindabuck points and 4% bonus




Gold – 200+ completions and 20000 points.  You’ll get 500 Grindabuck points and 6% bonus



It will depend on how much spare time you have and whether you think it’s worth it.  We thought we’d point this out as it’s not seen on many other GPT websites.


What’s like?

When it comes to the website navigation, it looks user-friendly enough and it’s straight forward. You can go where you want to go even if you are not super tech-savvy. You can already see what you need to know from their home page so you will not have to worry about struggling with the navigation should you decide to sign up. The Grindabuck website is informative and there is a useful FAQ page as well to learn more about the site. 

It will show you the most important things like how to sign up, how much is the minimum payout, and more frequently asked questions for new members. They also display the information that they were able to pay a total amount of $500,000 plus for their members.


How to sign up to Grindabuck?

It’s free to sign up for a Grindabuck account. Plus you can get a free 100 Grindabucks just for joining. That’s a great deal compared with other sites that you usually get in without earning anything. You can even just use the one-step Facebook sign in so it’s easier for you to register on the site. Or if you don’t want to use your Facebook account for signing up, you can just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to their website at


  1. Click “Join Now” or “Register” that you can see in front of their website.


  1. You can think of a username to use and an option to put the name of your sponsor if applicable.


  1. Just fill in the other information like your name, email address, DOB, etc.


  1. Hit on the “Create Account” button and you’re done!


How much can you earn with Grindabuck? 

By doing some tasks within the site, you can earn in the form of Grindabucks, which is the virtual currency of this site. 100 Grindabucks is equivalent to $1. How much you can earn depends on the tasks that you will complete. The moral of the story here is the more active you the more you earn, which is the same with any GPT website.  The big difference is the monthly bonuses which you can earn for being active and these do boost your earnings somewhat.

Plus, Grindabuck offers VIP levels which helps you receive your money quicker.  Each member begins on VIP Level 1 where the minimum payout threshold is $10.  Once you have earnt enough points (1000) you move to the next level where you can cash out at $5. Once high enough you can cash out at $1 and all earnings are credited immediately.


How are you paid?

Once you can accumulate enough points to cash out, you can get paid in the form of gift cards, PayPal, and even in bitcoins. The initial minimum payout amount is $10. which can be easy to reach since there are offers that can provide you higher rewards. The best choice for gift card will be Amazon.

One point to note on cash withdrawals is Grindabuck charge an additional 25 points to do so.


What devices can you Grindabuck on?

You can use Grindabuck on pretty much any device – mobile, tablet or desktop.  Grindabucks website is mobile-friendly and all offers are available.  We prefer to use mobile as some of the better offers are mobile-only.


Can anyone join Grindabuck?

Like most GPT sites you have to be at least 18 years old.  Grindabuck will only accept you if you are from:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia

Grindabuck is free to join if you are eligible.


Online Reviews

There are many good reviews about this GPT site. It can be because Grindbucks were able to consolidate the things that you can do in one place. This can be the best way to earn some extra bucks without the need to get a job out there. You can just do it on any of your devices. Some of the members are making more than $400 a month by just completing the tasks every day. Of course, it’s not a job so you can always add more income sources if you are planning to earn more. 

But, it’s already a great starting point if you are planning to work online anyway.


Is Grindabuck legit?

Yes, it is.  There are several positive reviews and people are earning money from it.  It’s free to join too.



  • Easy signup method and start working right away.


  • Great community since they also hold contests and events for its members.


  • VIP Club can be rewarding and they also have monthly competitions for more income opportunities.


  • The passive income section allows you to earn no matter how lazy you are.


  • Fast payout once you’re in Level 2, you can get your money within the day.




  • Limited cashout options.


  • This is not available worldwide. If you’re not from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia, you cannot take advantage of this site.


  • The minimum cashout amount is higher than most GPT sites around.



Grindabuck is overall a good website for you to start your journey with GPT sites. If you have the time and you are from the major countries where they accept new members from, it’s best to grab the opportunity.  After all, earning free money is better than nothing! It’s definitely not the best, or most lucrative, way to earn money online but it’s fun and because it’s mobile-friendly you can do it anywhere.


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