How To Make Money Using Motives Cosmetics

Can You Make Money Using Motives Cosmetics?

motives cosmetics


If you are looking for an article that can help you learn everything about Motives Cosmetics, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss in detail about this company and understand how you can make money by joining it. So, without further ado let us read about Motives and see what it has to offer, shall we?


What is Motives Cosmetics? 


Here is a quick overview of Motives:

Motive – It is a company that deals with makeup or cosmetic products. 

Founder and current owner – Loren Ridinger, Wife of JR Ridinger. 

Founded on – 2008

Number of customers – Around 3 Billion

Website –

Company worth – Around 150 Billion USD

Motives Cosmetics is a beauty company that started in 2008. It is under a parent company – Market America. The parent company is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded in 1992 by Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger and generates around $800 million a year.

Motives provide a wide range of makeup products that are sold by independent distributors throughout the world. Their website claims that Motives has generated more than 8 billion dollars through their products and are number one in the cosmetic industry. This statement coming from their story page is a very bold claim. 

One of the best things that make Motives Cosmetics so popular is the wide range of cosmetic collections for different audiences.  Their range is huge.  They have products for nails, eyes, face, lips, skincare, gift sets, and tools! Another impressive trait of this company is that it focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. 

Motives have captured the eyes of some of the most popular celebrities and artists too. Their goal is to provide people an opportunity to fulfill their desired lifestyle and feel good inside out. 


How to make money from product sales

First, the makeup and cosmetic industry are an evergreen one, which means almost all the products that fall under this industry will always be in demand, regardless of any type of shift in the economy. Because it’s linked to Market America the products are widely available across the USA. Motives knows this and so they provide a massive selection of cosmetic products with both low and high prices. 

The main categories on which you can tap on are:

  • Skincare
  • Face
  • Sun protection
  • Eyes
  • Nails
  • Accessories

Now, that being said, Motives provide opportunities to people who want to engage themselves in selling their products and earn a percentage on each sale in commission. So, if you think you have good sales tactics and know-how to build and manage a team, you can get a lot from this company. 

There are two ways you can make yourself some good amount of money using Motives:


1: MLM – multi-level marketing. 

In this method, you will need to build a team by convincing your friends, family, or other interested people and earn a commission on those who will come under your wings. (Discussed later)


2: Retail Sales 

In this method, you just have to make a sale using your marketing strategies and charm to get a commission. 


How to sign up to Motives Cosmetics



So, if you have decided to join Motives and earn some money all you have to do is sign up on their website. 

Your first sign up will provide you the following:

  • Welcome Guide
  • Flip Chart
  • UnFranchise Manual
  • Access to your website.
  • Training and educational guide from Motives makeup artists and advisors.
  • Access to business application & management system.


  1. Click on the link here and select either Fast Start Kit or Beauty Advisor Application. 


  1. Next, click on ‘Get Started Now’. This navigation will take you to a page where you will fill in a form and receive your chosen kit.


What are the startup costs?

The link will take you to the page where you can join the Motives community. To start your business, you will get two options (which are cosmetic kits)There is one basic kit that costs $149.95 (Beauty Advisor Application) and besides, it will provide different makeups, orders forms, catalogs, and samples. 

Another option that you can take to start your business is Fast Start Kit by Motives at $429.95. Most of your settings will be done in this kit so that you can get maximum advantage and start your earnings right away. 

Signing up gives you instant access to:

  • Your website
  • Business App
  • Training materials
  • Invitation templates and digital marketing
  • Mentor from other Beauty Advisors


How to sell the products

Motives has a massive inventory of cosmetic products that you can sell to any third party and make yourself a good amount of money.

To do this, Motives provide you two options: 

1: MLM (multi-level marketing) Build Your Team  

You will recruit distributors and build your own sales team. For each member, you will get a commission of their sales. Then every member of your team will recruit another distributor and you will get a slice of the money also. Basically, the bigger the team of distributors the more money you can make. 

It appears Motives wants you to build 2 teams, each containing 5 Beauty Advisors.  Unfortunately, they don’t go into any detail about the commission structure of the teams.  The below table is the only thing we could locate and Motives state it’s for ‘illustrative purposes only’.

motives cosmetics


  • It involves a very low risk.
  • It has a huge potential to earn income.
  • The operating cost is low.
  • Dynamic leadership
  • Healthy team competition.

It is a concern that Motives don’t give many details about how the team-building process works.  In our experience, this does require a lot of effort and there are usually some rules of sales quantity to follow otherwise you’ll be penalized.  In some cases, if you fail to hit your sales targets you lose your entire team and it’s back to square one.


2: Retail Sales – 

Here, you will be acting as an affiliate, meaning you will design a website and promote the cosmetic products of Motives through the link of retailers. You will earn 30% commission per sale but their website states you can earn up to 40% in commission without giving any more details.  That is very frustrating and unnecessary.  Why can’t they advise you how to earn that extra 10%?

Is it for higher sales volumes, selling certain products etc? Motives Cosmetics also promotes the use of selling at hosted parties, and this is a very well-trodden path for MLM’s.  They estimate you can earn up to $300 per party, which means you sell $1000 of products.

Selling at parties is probably the best approach because you get to showcase the products, your guests can try using testers, and usually, once one person buys something the rest will follow.  Because make-up is not just a one-off purchase, you can sell over and over again to the same group of people.



  • You don’t need to recruit anyone for commissions.
  • The module is very easy to grasp.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You can sell their entire range.


Rank structures

With a lot of competition in the cosmetic industry, it is very tough to survive and run a business. Motives Cosmetics is one of those companies that goes face to face with other top brands, and manages to set its image in a high rank. According to an opinion poll, Motives is considered one of those cosmetic brands that are collecting more and more customers from around the world.

Due to high-quality products, affordable prices, and social media dominance Motives is turning the cosmetic industry upside down. It is usual for an MLM company to provide a team rank structure, where you go up levels and increase your earnings the more people you have recruited.  It doesn’t appear Motives follows this model, although that being said, they might do but just don’t tell you!


Motives Cosmetics reviews

Many big websites have mentioned Motives Cosmetics and ranked it under the top ten categories of the best beauty and cosmetic brands. This is certainly because of good reviews by customers and people who have made money from their company. Read the complete list of customer reviews on Motives. 

Better Business Bureau does not have Motives registered but it does have Market America, and they have graded it A+.



Can you make an income with Motives Cosmetics?

Like all MLM companies, it all depends on your effort and desire to get out there and either sell the products or build a strong sales team. It’s really difficult to advise you how much you can earn as they just haven’t provided many details on their commission structure.

It goes without saying that without a strong sales team you will never earn a huge sum of money.  If you’re selling at parties how viable is it to generate a $1000 each night?  Each item is reasonably priced, so you’re either going to have to hold large parties or hope each attendee makes multiple purchases. There’s a lot of unknowns.

This is not something we would recommend you do.  Making money online is hard enough without working for a company that provides next to no detail on how much it’ll pay you. It’s offensive to you by not providing a proper earning potential, stating their minimum sales requirements, and what bonuses are available.

Give this a wide berth.  Don’t rely on other people to earn a living.  Invest in yourself and earn your own money online using affiliate marketing.


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