How To Make Money Using Neobux

Can you make money using Neobux?


Neobux is a renowned company when it comes to making money online. But can you make money using the site or is it just a hoax? Numerous websites claim they can help you make money online. Some are scam and pyramid schemes, while some are legit.

We’ve reviewed the company in great detail to see if it passes the test for a good way to make some extra cash online. True passive income needs to be regular, flexible, and consistent so how does Neobux score?



What is Neobux?

It is a get paid to click (PTC) website which pays registered members to click the ads on their site. They also offer payments on completion of survey and earning referrals. Advertisers display their ads on the company’s website, and you click and view it for a certain period to get credited points.

It has millions of registered users, and thousands of new users sign up daily. It was founded in 2008 and has been smoothly running since then. There are numerous ways through which one can earn that we will be discussing shortly. 


What is like?

Once you visit their website, the first thing to draw your attention will be the statistics. From the statistics displayed, you can see the millions of people online viewing ads and receiving their pay. Unfortunately, there have been complaints on the Neobux website not being mobile-friendly and several users complain about its sensitivity to mobile phones and tablets.

This is unfortunate as there’s no excuse for not having a mobile-friendly website these days.  It’s also poor business as they will be missing out on a large number of people who only use their mobile devices to surf the internet.


How do you earn money with

You can make money by:

Viewing advertisements

You can view ads and get paid for it. Using AdPrize, you stand a chance to win as much as $90 worth of prizes.



Doing surveys

Earn by taking Pollfish surveys or doing CrowdFlower tasks. Compared to other surveying companies, Neobux pays slightly more. The coins you gain can be converted to money, which you can cash out. You can also earn points which you can use to buy services such as, golden membership and so much more.



Once a new user signs up using your affiliate link, you get some money out of it. However, earning through referrals may need extra attention since you need to convince them to continue working on the site for you to earn. 




There are two types of referrals:

  • Direct (people who use your link to join)
  • and rented referrals (people you buy using your earnings)


How to sign up to Neobux

To join the website, you will go to and begin the registration process. You will be asked to enter a username, password, email address, and Skrill or Payza email for payment. Once your account has been created you log in using your username and password.


How much you will earn?

The amount you get depends on your membership plan. There are two membership levels. The standard level is the basic plan, which everyone is enrolled to after signing up. The other plan is the golden plan, which you can upgrade to by paying $90. 

To successfully become a golden member, you need to have worked with the site for 15 days, and have rented more than twice to golden. The advantage of the golden plan over the standard level is that you can view more ads. 



There are also more upgrades available at the golden level, such as; Emerald Sapphire, the Golden Pack, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultimate. Depending on your membership plan, you can earn as much as $0.02 for each ad click.

If you come from Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK, you can make an average of $1 per day. 

Since you are paid per click, or survey, you can make more if you have additional time to spare. With extra time to spare, you can also increase your earning by doing more CrowdFlower tasks, and other mini-jobs. For you to earn $1 you’ll need to click and watch one thousand ads!  Now, that’s a LOT of ads – almost 42 an hour for 24 hours straight!

How many do you reckon for $10??  That’s right, 10000 ads.


Is there a minimum payment threshold?

For the first payout, there’s a minimum threshold of $2 but this increases by $1 for each requested payout until you have earnt $10. The best thing about Neobux is that it pays more than other PTC or GPT sites. Also, they have an instant payment system that ensures you get your money immediately.

Should you decide to be more active, they have coin offers which you can convert to cash and withdraw. Active users are also rewarded through points which they earn by clicking ads. AdPrize awards the points once you complete simple offers. These points are useful in recycling referrals and can be used to pay for the membership plans.


How are you paid?

Once you earn, the site can pay you instantly. You choose your payment processor between Payza and SkrillYes, it is a shame PayPal is not an option! Once you request your payment, you will receive it immediately or in a few minutes. There is a set minimum cash-out amount, which is $2.00. 

After requesting your first pay, the set minimum will continue to increase by 1 dollar until it reaches a set fixed amount of $10.00. For instance, if your first cash out is $3, the next minimum amount you can withdraw will be $4. 

Similarly, if you cash out $8, the following minimum amount you can withdraw will be $9 until it reaches $10.00, the fixed minimum.


Any Neobux joining restrictions?

The most notable restrictions concern referrals. While at the standard level, you are only allowed to rent 300 referrals and bring in not more than 30 direct referrals. Once you upgrade to the golden plan, you can rent up to 2,000 referrals, and bring in 200 direct referrals. Whilst your entire family can have accounts, they only let one person to view ads in 24 hours from your internet IP address.


Neobux reviews

For the millions of its users, its rating is relatively good. TrustPilot has around 2800 reviews with an overall Excellent rating. Most of the good reviews relate to the high-earnings compared to other PTC sites, instant payment, and the low minimum cash out. 

Many users praise its affiliate program, which allows them to earn, as well as the numerous earning options available on the site. However, the main downsides the users complain about are the poor customer support. Allegedly, the support can be quite rude and unresponsive for hours.

Users have also expressed their concerns about the rental referrals being bots. Mouthshut has just over 1600 reviews with an overall score of 2 / 5.

We could not find Neobux on the Better Business Bureau website.


Is Neobux legit?

Having discussed how you can earn from Neobux, we can answer the question is the site legit or another scam? Neobux has been running for more than a decade now, and it hasn’t had any scandals. Its users have gotten paid, and they are still paying instantly. 

Besides, unlike most PTC websites, they do not demand joining fees. Thus, we can conclude the site is legit. 



Neobux is a legit site that can be a source of extra (very small) income. Their stable and instant payments makes it stand out from other PTC companies. However, it may not be enough to be the only source of income for most people. There are more downsides than upsides to the site, none more so than the amount of effort and time you need to spend just to earn a tiny amount back.

We never like to see websites asking for payment to access higher levels, especially when the returns are so minuscule.  Why not reward longevity? It will take you such a long time to see any return on your investment.

There are so many ways to earn money online and Neobux is not one we recommend.  They’re not mobile-friendly so it means you being stuck at home doing this, and there’s no guarantee of regular ads to watch.

Neobux is also suspected of canceling established accounts if the user has left a negative review or posted a less favorable comment on a forum. We said at the beginning a side hustle needs to be regular, flexible, and consistent and sadly this is none of those.


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