How To Make Money Using Plunder Design

Can you make money using Plunder Design?

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Plunder Design is an online jewelry company that sells unique designs that make them stand out amongst a large crowd.  The jewelry market is massive and is expected to reach $480 billion by 2025!  Companies, like Plunder Design, want their brand to stand out and grow their client base, and to do that new designs are frequently released.

Fashions change and good jewelry companies move with the times.  Consumers tend to buy multiple pieces at a time.  Buying jewelry is a positive thing, it makes you feel good and more confident.

In this article, we review Plunder Design from the aspect of selling their products to make some cash.  So, just how good of a side hustle is it?


What is Plunder Design?

Plunder Design is a jewelry company that prides itself on making unique and vintage jewelry designs. The jewelry niche considered as ever-growing, Plunder design stands out not only in their attractive designs (defined as unfading, shabby and chic) but also their methods of marketing their jewelry.

With its headquarters in Payson, Utah the company was officially registered and started in the year 2014 by the Chief executive officer Hillary Adams. Hillary and her husband, Abe, like any other family in the United States, were working hard to stay on their feet after the 2008 economic crisis. 

Hillary is a retired hairdresser and with Abe losing his corporate job, the family declared bankruptcy and started depending on Hillary’s parents for almost everything. From her grandmother’s jewelry collection, Plunder Design was ultimately born.


How popular is Plunder Design?

Offering a vast array of unique jewelry including personalized necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, Plunder Design has a considerable following in the United States and Canada. There are an estimated 4300 searches each month on Google for Plunder Design, and 4600 monthly searches for Plunder Jewelry.  That’s pretty good.

Google Trends also shows a decent amount of interest in the company over the past 5 years.


How to make money with Plunder Design?

Like all other multi-level marketing (MLM) business models, Plunder Design provides you with two ways of earning money, selling their chic designs of jewelry, and building a team that allows you to earn a commission on their sales. 

Make money selling Plunder Design products

You can easily make money from selling their unique products that include pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. One motivating factor to the seller is that even though they are unique and eye-catching, the price of the jewelry is relatively low compared to other jewelry companies. 

Most of the comparison jewelry tends to cost $90 and upwards, but the Plunder Design jewelry goes as low as $30 which makes it easier to market as an impulse buy.   This allows for a high commission in case of massive sales.

The fact that Plunder Design provides a variety of pieces, for instance, offering over 100 different necklaces and bracelets. This should work well selling at parties where people aren’t limited to buying the same pieces.  Who wants to wear the same as their friends??

Hence a buyer is bound to find something he or she likes at a fair price, thus the increase in sales, and consequently your commission. The company also allows for exclusive customized products, like names or certain symbols or images inscribed on their jewelry. Personalizing gifts is a growing market and it’s a nice niche to get into.

This makes the item of jewelry look unique, which attracts more customers, thus a boost to your sales and commissions. Plunder Design offers you 20% on every jewelry sale. Although 20% is considered average, some other businesses do offer less than 20%. The fact that the jewelry is relatively cheap makes 20% acceptable, because you should be able to sell more.


Making money through building a team

This rank-based income system allows you to increase your commission as you climb the ladder of ranks as follows.

  • Savvy Consultant, you earn 20% of each item you sell. 
  • The Posh Consultant you earn 25% 
  • Moxie Consultant, you earn 25%
  • Stellar Consultant, you make 30% your sale.

The ranks are divided into two categories, that is the Leadership and Teambuilding each with four levels. 


What are the team building bonuses?

There are entry levels referred to as Level 1 to Level 3. Any new member that you recruit is categorized as level 1. Any member the new member recruits are Level 2, and it goes on until Level 3. When you reach the second rank you can start earning whereby you get 5% from your Level 1 members sales and purchases. 

In the third rank, you receive 4% on each sale and purchase the Level 2 member makes. This continues till the fourth rank, the higher ranks have more bonuses and are a higher percentage of commission compared to the lower ranks.


How to move up the ranks

This rank structure might look easy on paper to achieve, but in a real sense, there are strict requirements that you have to meet for you to move up the ranks. For the Savvy, Posh, Moxie, and Stellar Consultants, the general requirements include:

  • must have qualified 1 out of 3 months required to maintain peep
  • have a minimum group wholesale of between $2500 and $5000
  • a minimum of one generation leader or higher

These bonuses are considered by far generous, but there is a catch. For you to be able to receive your rank level bonus, you need to remain active that makes $400 worth sales of jewelry, at least once every 3 months.

The other strict requirement is that you have to reach the target of $2500 and $5000 total sales for the whole team. The other tricky part is your recruited members have to remain active, and in case you lose some of them, you need to find immediate replacements else no bonus.


Any additional bonuses?

For the higher ranks that are from the 1-star peep to the four stars peep, the requirements are much tougher to meet and maintain the position. 

The requirements include:

  • monthly team sales of up to $100000
  • minimum generation leaders of up to 8
  • preserve the rank qualification (which is quite hard to achieve)

Plunder Design as an only source of income is hard and risky too. The fact that the product is not consumable and the market seasonal makes it hard for you to maintain the constant source of income. Another drawback is that as the system is based on recruits, but your recruits also want to achieve higher ranks hence quite competitive.

Also, think about who you will recruit.  They will most likely be your friends, work colleagues, family even, and perhaps all living in the same area as you. That means you are all going to be selling the same Plunder Design jewelry to the same Plunder Design customers – or at least trying to!  The chances are your immediate area is going to get saturated, and no one wants that!


Are there any joining fees?

There are no joining fees per se, however, you will have to purchase a Plunder Design Starter Kit at $99. 

The kit includes:

plunder design


What are the chances of being successful?

We checked their most recently published Income Disclosure Statement (2016) and the odds of success are stacked against you. Nearly a quarter of Plunder Design Consultants did not earn anything and 88% earnt less than $1000. Consultant expenses were high too with the average of just under $1100.  That’s higher than most are earning!

Like any MLM the real earning potential is by building a team, as that creates a passive income opportunity.  However, your team members probably won’t be earning anything and are likely to quit quickly.  Do you blame them?!


Plunder Design reviews

With revenue of up to $11 million in the year ending 2019, positive reviews for Plunder design are average. It has an average following on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It also has a 5 out of 5 stars on the Business for the Homesite. The buyers will adore the jewelry collection, and many define it as unique but also quite affordable.

Most of the advantages, according to various review sites, is that they have flexible working hours. Its main recorded con was that the management is unresponsive and also the requirements to move up the ranks are too strict.

Better Business Bureau has graded the company A+.




How legit is Plunder Design?

Plunder Design is a 100% legit network marketing chance, and the FTC approves it. It is also worth mentioning that although the bonus and rank level requirements are hard to achieve, and maintain, they will pay you if you do get there and stay there.

The only reason many people label it a scam is because it requires experience and a lot of work to make it profitable. The key to success on this platform is to work with passion and commitment, and also learn the necessary skills to make it in Multi-level Marketing.



The company offers very well-reviewed and received pieces of jewelry that you should be able to sell, especially in the beginning. The question of how long you can keep selling to the same people is unknown.  If the Income Disclosure Statement is true, you won’t be able to earn much for long. Like any business, it takes time and effort to set up and you may be able to carve out some loyal fans who you can make consistent sales to, but then again?

What we don’t like are the expenses you have to pay for just to sell their stuff.  An average of nearly $1100 a year, and that’s the average! The price of the jewelry is very good and if you can find the right audience you will make sales and you will earn money.  You decide your working hours, your schedule, and your pace, and that’s a great aspect of working for this company.  

Please just do your research before signing up and we would recommend reaching out to a sales consultant to get their perspective first.


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