How To Make Money Using Powur

Can you make money using Powur?


Welcome to our Powur review, a comprehensive guide to see if you can make some money with them.  We live in a modern era where we spend a lot of money to live better lives. For sure, we can’t live better lives just depending upon our employer’s jobs. We need side hustles to help us boost our pockets all through. 

Due to this reason, there exist several side hustle opportunities we can involve ourselves in these days. Among the newest in town is working with a legit multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Powur emerges as among the popular names in this category; let’s learn more about how to make money with Powur.


What is Powur?

This is a popular world solar panel distributor that employs a direct marketing structure to market and sell solar energy products. Their main objective is distributing clean energy products to American consumers whilst they also try to offer a new business opportunity to entrepreneurs. Founded by Jonathan Budd in 2014, Powur claims to stay as a leader, and first-ever public benefit corporation, that has grown root in the direct marketing sector at large.



This is a business that will gain root right across America because currently, only 1% of U.S. homes have solar installation done to them. Electricity prices have risen 40% in the last 10 years and with no sign of it getting cheaper, leaves a huge gap in the market for alternative energy providers. There are still speculations that more homes will need solar installation in the future to increase the revenue generation of the industry further.



All facts about solar installation in American homes are well represented by Powur. This is also a reiteration that the panel costs keep going down every year-round as traditional electricity costs keep rising. Powur estimates solar panel installation will save a household over $26000 and they can increase the value of the home.  That’s yet to be proven.

The history of the company looks good:

  • 2015 partnered with SolarCity as a distributor.  They’re part of Tesla
  • 2017 expanded its distribution network by signing contracts with big players in the industry
  • 2018 went nationwide  



What is like?

 Powur doesn’t make or sell their solar panels.  What they do is provide quotations to customers from solar panel dealers. They work with some big names, such as SolarCity, CamSolar, Titan Solar Power, Solterra, and Skyline Solar. Powur is the ‘middleman’ that connects the customer with the installer.


How to earn money from Powur


There are two ways to earn money from Powur.  Firstly,  sell their products and earn a commission and secondly, build a team and earn commission from their sales.

Sell their products: is aimed at customers, and not distributors, but there are some major flaws in it.  It does not tell the customer what they are buying mainly because they are the middleman and perhaps don’t know themselves.  It will depend on what the partner company can offer. The commission structure sounds good but you have to go into the fine details to see if it’s right for you.  Powur will keep 30% of the profit and the rest will be paid to you, however, the profit has to be at least $1500.

This is fine if the company is doing well but if costs rise you could suddenly find your income diminishing.  Powur does state their average seller commission is $5950.You will work as a power agent to earn from them. Your job will be contacting different homeowners and convincing them to have panels installed on their roofs. You’ll get a commission for a sale you make from Powur when the deal goes through.

So, this is not just guesswork, you’ll earn through the efforts you make. Your sales pitch and ideas will earn your commissions. In short, getting more sales leads is what will boost your monthly commission earnings, and nothing less than that.

To signup to Powur there are a few things to complete and then decide which package to go for:

  • Advocate – $99 activation fee.  You will earn $30-$40 per appointment  and $200 each sale
  • Advisor – $299 activation fee.  All benefits above plus extra from your teams sales
  • Advisor PRO – $299 activation fee, plus $29 monthly for your website, landing page and access to Powur’s Marketing and Lead Gen Team


Build a team:


As with most MLM’s the best way to earn money is by building your team where you can earn commission from their sales. The first rank allows you to earn 20%.  That’s pretty good, although it does come from Powur’s 30% cut. There are 6 levels, or ranks, to climb which follows the same path as most MLM’s.  Powur calls it Leveraged Revenue Sharing.

To raise the ranks, you need to be recruiting a high number of consultants to your team.  The top-level requires at least 40!


Any bonuses?

As for the start, you earn the first bonus of $75 if within 60 days you manage to refer three qualified leads. You will also on top receive a $200 bonus for every successful lead you get. There are other bonuses you will receive on the process like team performance, 20-year solar residue, team lead, and lead acquisition bonuses.

All the bonuses are offered after an agent recruits someone to go solar. 


Will you be successful?

You’re going to have to be a good sales-person to make any decent money with this.  Just think about your situation for a second. Would you buy solar panels?  Can you afford them?  Are you allowed them if in rented? Solar panels are not an impulse purchase.  They are going to cost more than a family car and people don’t have that kind of spare cash.  So, get used to people saying no to you.  

That being said, it is a good product.  It is in a growing niche and you can earn decent money for each sale.  But, your customer pool is limited and so, therefore, is your earning potential.


Can you make reliable money with Powur?

With any MLM, your earning potential is based solely on your skills as a sales-person.  Solar panels are entirely different from most other MLM’s which cater to beauty products etc. To earn anywhere near decent money you are reliant on your team and in this case you need a large team!  Not just a large team, but a team that is highly motivated to keep making sales each month.  You just can’t predict how many!


Powur reviews

Powur is well respected and has a lot of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.  They are nearly all mentioning how wonderful their consultant was.

Better Busines Bureau has graded Powur A+.


There’s no doubt you can earn money from Powur, and some people are earning a large amount. Like all schemes like this, you only get out what you put in, and for this to work for you it’s going to take a lot of time, energy commitment and resilience. We mentioned it earlier, but get used to people saying no to you.  How will you pick yourself up and move on to the next?  It won’t be easy.

This MLM is one of the hardest ones to make money from because of the product type, it’s cost, and limited customer base. Only about 5% will earn decent money and 70% are unable to breakeven!  There are genuinely easier ways to make money and we don’t recommend Powur.


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