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Can you make money using SurveyRewardz?




Getting paid to take surveys has become a common way to make extra cash. SurveyRewardz is one such website that pays you to do online surveys. In our experience of both reviewing and using similar platforms, they are a waste of your time.  You have to spend a lot of time either answering questions or completing boring tasks, in return for a reward that is below the living wage.

For us to recommend a side hustle to you it has to be flexible.  For example, if you have young children at home will you be able to choose the hours you spend on the site, or is it dictated?

It will need to be consistent.  There’s not much point in signing up for a site that pays well, if there is sporadic or no work each month.SurveyRewardz states they will pay for answering questions and ‘doing fun stuff’ so that sounds promising!

Here is a full review of the platform from the perspective of how good an opportunity it presents to earn cash! In this review, you will find all the details you need to know before trying the site. 

Take a look!


What is SurveyRewardz?




SurveyRewardz is a market research company that collects data on various topics through surveys. It is purely a survey site. You will only get paid to take online surveys and no other way. There are many online paid survey sites, so what makes this one stand-out? 

The platform has more surveys than most sites you will come across, which is great as it may increase your earning potential. Why would you get paid to take part in surveys? The platform, like others such as Swagbucks, SurveyMonkey, and Prizebel, collects opinions and data on various subject matters, products, and services.

The company that wants the feedback pays SurveyRewardz to get the answers from the demographic of people who use their site.  The answers can then dictate improvements, be it better products, customer service, web design, etc.

That’s a good thing.


What is like?

Their website is straightforward to navigate. It’s one website with a simple design. They have one of the simplest designs you will ever come across! It still has a modern touch with few distractions. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this site. 

You can also earn from it even without any prior experience. Once you successfully sign-up to the site, you will immediately see if there is a survey available for you. The homepage brings up the register box and a very simple infographic about earning and rewards.  It also tells you what rewards you can get.

This is refreshingly simple in design.  Websites have long been seen as the shop-window and companies try to outdo each other with their flashy graphics and popups. With SurveyRewardz there is none of that.  It very clearly wants you to sign up and get paid!



How to sign-up to SurveyRewardz?

Signing up to the platform is effortless. You just need to visit the website and complete the profile questions asked. The questions and data you give are what the site uses to find surveys tailored for you. If you complete your profile, you will stand higher chances of finding several surveys.

Remember, companies only want feedback from a certain demographic, one that is as close to their actual customer base as possible.

You will be required to provide:

  • your email address
  • answer a few personal questions, 
  • and confirm your email. 

Joining the website is 100% free and there are no fees to use it. You may also be required to answer additional questions to verify you are not a robot, which is standard practice.


How do you earn money using SurveyRewardz?

SurveyRewardz only pays to complete surveys. It works as a survey scanner as it keeps finding new surveys for you to take. There are always new surveys available on the site. Once you are logged into the platform, you will see the surveys available for you.

The platform is different from similar sites as it does not arrange a list of available surveys. You will be seeing only one offer at a time. It does not, however, mean only one survey is available. So, you will be required to answer some prequalifying questions to ascertain you are a fit for the survey. 

For instance, if the survey is to be taken by people in a particular region and you don’t live in the area, you will not qualify for it. If you fail to qualify, you will immediately be given another survey, if available.


How much can you earn using SurveyRewardz?

It’s difficult to estimate the exact money you can make on this platform. Of course, your earnings purely depend on the surveys you take. Whilst there are more to take on this site compared to their competitors, it depends on whether you fit the profile and you won’t know that until you try.

The surveys pay differently depending on the length and time taken to complete. Expect an offer between $0.5-$5 per survey.  Again, this is pretty standard. The good thing is you can see the time you will spend and the exact amount you will receive before taking the survey. 

You can, therefore, judge whether the survey is worth your time or not.  We like this feature as there shouldn’t be anything hidden from you as you are giving up your time to give feedback.


Any restrictions to joining SurveyRewardz?

The platform has its share of restrictions. You need to meet various thresholds to cashout, depending on the payout method of your choice. Amazon gift cards and checks can only be processed once you reach the requirement of $5 minimum.

The website also dictates that users must be a minimum of 18 years to use join. You can, however, use the site if you are 13+ if you get consent from a parent/guardian.


How do you get paid?

SurveyRewardz offers various ways to get paid once you have earned by taking surveys. 

They include;


  • Amazon gift card – you can cash out using an e-gift card once you attain a minimum of $5. The gift card will be sent to your email address.


  • Check – you can also check out using a check, but it can only be in US dollars. You also need to have made at least $5. There are no charges or fees applied. The check will be delivered to your residential address if you choose that payout method.


  • PayPal – this is the simplest way to request a payout on the site. You need to have made a minimum of $1. A fee of $0.01 is charged if you request an amount less than $10.


You can also get paid via a Virtual Visa, or you can request gift cards to other stores apart from Amazon

The site also states that payments take up to 72 hours. You may have to wait up to a week for your earnings to be processed.


What are reviews like for SurveyRewardz?

There are a lot of positive reviews of the website on the internet. People are generally happy about this site. 



Some of the pros that stood out on the reviews include:


  • The site is fully optimized for use on mobile devices. Although it does not have an app, you can log into the site at any time using your phone or iPad.


  • The platform is also available worldwide. Most opportunities are, however, available for people in the USA, Australia, and Canada.


  • The website is very simple to navigate. There are many surveys available to take. The site also offers a good number of payout options. The thresholds are also pretty attainable.


Is SurveyRewardz legit?

The website does not have the best score on Trustpilot reviews. It has a score of 5.9/10 only.

However, the site is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A rating. It’s a legitimate site.




At the time of writing, BBB has received numerous complaints about users not being paid and they were using a proxy – Points2Shop LLC. BBB holds a record for Points2Shop and has graded them A.

Most people don’t realize that the survey sites cannot make you rich even over a lifetime. They are the kind of ways to make extra money to supplement your earnings.

We also loved that the website has a strong privacy policy and the terms of use are excellent. 



Whilst taking surveys is never going to make you rich, or even replace your monthly income, they do have their place. The pay on SurveyRewardz is the same as similar sites but the difference appears to be the number available to take. A downside is you won’t know if you are eligible to take it until you have answered a pre-qualification survey, for which you receive no pay.

Please ensure you fully complete your profile as it’s those answers that will most likely determine whether you are offered a survey. It has a low payout threshold and we like the many options of rewards.  You can choose cash via PayPal or gift cards, and you can alter your choice each time.

If you need a fast $10 this site could help you out!  Don’t expect too much from it and have some fun.

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