How To Make Money Using Team National

Can You Make Money using Team National?


Team National is a membership savings company that uses direct selling as its method of distribution. But, how much money can you make and is it a good side-hustle?


What is Team National?


team national


Team National is one of its kind and it offers members savings through collective buying. It is family owned and was the brain-child of its founder, Dick Loehr. Loehr had the initial concept way back in 1996 and it evolved over the years into what it is today.  Sadly in 2008, Loehr died from cancer but his immediate family took over the reins and continue his vision of helping others achieve their financial aims. 

The company connects consumers of goods and services with value-added services for the products they consume regularly. Using group purchasing power, the company can get discounts on items that are commonly used by their members who they advance to at a lower cost. This offers savings for members. Team national brings people and families together and seeks to strengthen them by providing bigger opportunities to them through savings.

The company opens its doors to anyone willing to make extra money in their lives by creating value for themselves and others. The concept might sound complex but it is quite straight forward. The company offers members who wish to make extra money an opportunity to market the company and earn a passive income when they recruit new members.

In essence, as a member you save money and when you recruit someone to join the network, you get a share of their membership fees. Team National has sold over $1bn of products and are members of Direct Selling Association, US Chamber of Commerce, and Dun and Bradstreet.


What is Team National’s website like?

 Team nationals official website is and it provides all the information that anyone needs to know about the company. It provides information on how you can join the network, its benefits, and the reputability in the industry. The website also provides information about the company’s story, history, and the motivation for the founder. 

This information is very valuable to anyone who wants to join as it assures them of the company’s reputability and long respected standing. The website has a section about the Frequently Asked Questions which provide information and answers to new people who would like to join the company.

One area that could be improved is telling a potential member roughly how much they will be saving on their shopping bills.  It does explain the group purchase from Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc but it does not specify what the savings are.  Will it cover the cost of the membership, for example?


Team National Concept

Team national’s concept is a little confusing for any new person who gets to hear about it. The company is a member of the Direct Sales Association and it has in the past hit up some achievable goals such as very high sales. Their main selling point is the discounts earned from making purchases in bulk and also the extra income you earn from recruiting someone else to join the company.

The company does not sell any products on its own, but rather enters into partnerships with companies that manufacture goods and services.


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They negotiate with them on giving their members discounts because they will buy in bulk. There are four categories of membership offered by Team National:


Team National Factory Direct

This is where members can save around 65% on items such as mattresses, furniture (both indoor and outdoor), flooring, and spas.


Team National Group Buying Power

Team National negotiates discounts with other companies and passes the savings on to you.  As a member you can save on:

  • New and used cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Finance – mortgage, financial planning, debt consolidation
  • Health plans
  • Car rentals
  • Broadband, TV, mobile devices
  • Travel – flights, hotels, holidays
  • Insurance


Team National Business Exchange

This enables you to save money at local businesses across the USA.  Real Estate Agents, car garages, travel agents, insurers, etc.


Team National e-Commerce

Team National enables its members to earn a 30% commission from top brands.  They also have their line of products which are around 50% cheaper than its competitors.


How to get started with Team National

Team Nationals website is really easy to get signed up, you just fill in a form and rep will make contact.  There’s no joining fee but there are membership fees, which we layout for you:

  • $25 membership fee (taken from your 1st payout)
  • $55 starter kit 

There are two memberships available:

  • Standard – $795 for 2 years
  • Premium – $2915 lifetime access


How to earn money with Team National Compensation Plan

To signup with Team National, you are put in contact with a local rep or Independent Marketing Directors (IMD’s).  An IMD will receive a commission if they sign at least 2 people up in a year.

Team National pays out the following commissions:

  • $100 for premium, cash payment
  • $50 for premium, non-cash payment
  • $50 for standard, cash payment
  • $25 for standard, non-cash payment

There’s also a $25 or $50 commission if the new member takes out a Team National finance plan.


Residual Discount Membership Commissions

Everyone who joins the company joins a team that has other members. When you recruit someone the new person becomes a member of your team. It is a binary system that has levels and you move to the next level with an increase in members who have joined the network under you. The idea is to have each person join a team and work hard to introduce others so that they climb the level hierarchy. This way the company will have many more people and thus have the ability to negotiate better discounts. 

Moving up the hierarchy is purely based on how many people you have brought in. So, the more people you bring in, the higher your ranking and the more the benefits, savings, and money earned.


How much can you earn? 

Making money with Team National is possible and anyone can do it. One of the ways to earn money with this company is through selling company memberships. For every standard 2-year membership sold, you earn $50. If you sell a standard 2- year membership then you earn $100. Another way of earning money is through team recruitment. The company uses a binary system that you derive income from and there are also bonuses that the company offers, and they are given to members through this binary system.

To earn money through your team, the first sales that you make (when you sell the membership) are placed on your left or right, and upon the second sale coming to fruition, it is placed on the other side to sort of work as if they are the base or the legs.


Build your team

Every time a new member joins your team, you earn points from the membership and grow your rank. You will earn 1 point from a sale of a standard membership which is for 2 years and 3 points for a lifetime membership. When you get at least 10 points from your down-line, you earn $1,500 immediately. Each time a member of your down-line achieves 10 points, you automatically earn $1,000.

Another way to earn money is through the rank system which you access as you progress in higher levels.  The first promotion to the Presidential Rank comes about after receiving a progression bonus 3 times, achieved by having more than 10 points in sales on either side of the team.


There are 5 ranks:

  • Presidential
  • Presidential Director – 3 10:10 bonuses in your binary
  • Bronze Presidential Director – at least 2 Presidential Directors in your downline
  • Silver Presidential Director – at least 4 Presidential Directors in your downline
  • Gold Presidential Director – at least 6 Presidential Directors in your downline
  • Platinum Presidential Director – at least 10 Presidential Directors in your downline

Presidential Director’s and above also receive higher commissions from their downline. Therefore, with this company, you can earn passive money by just introducing and recruiting people to join. The value the company will create in their lives and that of their families will make them agree to join. 

Also, once they find value, they will start recruiting other people to join as well and the more people join the better it is for you because you will rise in rank.


Low-income potential – Warning

Team National produces an Income Earnings Disclosure on their website which shows how many members they have earning money.  The most recent report from 2019 shows most IMD’s do not make any money. Only 12.6% of IMD’s received a commission payment with 87.4% of all directors receiving no pay.  They do make it clear that to earn money it takes hard work, diligence, and leadership and so this is not a get rich quick scheme.

You can earn money but just be aware you are likely not to without dedicating a lot of time and effort to it.


Online reviews

The reviews about Team National are very positive. People have spoken about how it has changed their lives after joining it and how it took them a short time to rise in their team. All they did was to share the concept with others and once they saw the benefits, they immediately decided to join and succeeded in it.

Some people make thousands of dollars from this company each year. They started by being recruited by others and followed the path and they are making big money on a part-time basis. Many reviews are about the savings made, which they say are significant, and over time will make back the membership fee and some.

There are some negative reviews where they are concerned the savings are not as good as you would normally see in-store, or with another discounter.  They advise to read the fine print of Team National before signing up.  Good advice!


Is Team National a scam?



No!  Team National is legit.  Better Business Bureau has graded Team National A+, it has a 5-star review score from 40 reviews and has recorded 11 complaints in the last 3 years. Team National does not make any wild earning potential statements, in fact, in their Income Report, they are brutally honest that you probably won’t earn money.



This review was about whether you can earn money by using Team National.  The short answer is yes you can and some people are making very good money. The issue is how easy will it be for you to do the same, and the bottom line is not very!  There are certainly far easier ways to make money online as a side hustle or full-time, but that doesn’t mean Team National should be discounted.

As with all our reviews, we will never tell you what you should do – there are plenty that will.  We don’t know your situation, your interests, or your characteristics so it’s unwise to just say ignore Team National and do something else because we think it’ll be easier. Please make sure you read the small print of the contracts and try and see what the savings will be as you have to pay nearly a $1000 membership fee, so they are going to have to be significant and frequent to pay that back first.

Team National certainly has a loyal following and is legit; the high scoring reviews are testament to that.  So, you could signup purely for the savings potential alone and if you can begin to recruit and earn some money then that’s a bonus!


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