How To Make Money Using Touchstone Crystal

Can you make money using Touchstone Crystal?

touchstone crystal

Have you heard of Touchstone crystal? It is quite popular for selling beautiful jewelry online. If you are someone who loves to buy jewelry, you might have come across them already. So, if you are looking for new jewelry that suits your style, then check their website out. Although unique and attractive jewelry is not the only side of the company, it is also known as an earning money source and you could join them too!

How is that? We will find out today and share some more information about the company. 


What is Touchstone crystal?

It is a company by Swarovski, popular for selling jewelry and crystals. They have around 15 million direct sellers of the products nationwide. Apart from that, they are also known for selling ornaments with big price tags. But then again, why shouldn’t they? If you consider that background being Swarovski, who has been in business for more than 100 years. 

Another interesting fact about them is that they are letting you earn money with them as well. Yes, if you become a consultant with them, you can make money by selling their popular products. If you become a consultant, you can get privileges like selling products in their catalog, get discounts on your purchases, host parties, and build your own sales team.

 This way, you can earn money from selling Touchstone Crystal products. 


What kind of products do they sell?

There are many types of jewelry in their collection. You can check it out online, their full catalog is available there.

Their range includes:

  • Necklace
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • Rings
  • Zirconia jewelry
  • Budget products (under $50)
  • Necklace converter
  • Bracelet extenders
  • Necklace extender

Their style looks unique and that is a very good thing.  There’s a lot of competition in this sector and a lot of companies just copy the others’ designs, but with Touchstone Crystal, they do look like they put a lot of effort into designing their pieces.

Touchstone Crystal has a bridal range, business range, and informal collection pieces.  The pricing is higher than other companies, which indicates the quality materials they use. On their website, they have a selection of pieces all under $50.  The cheapest earings we could find were $32, which gives an indication this could be a good earner for you a sales consultant!


How to make money with touchstone crystal?

Now after reading the above, if you want to join them as a consultant then here is what to do:

  • Visit their website.
  • There you will notice ‘become a consultant’ option. Place the cursor over the text.
  • A menu bar will appear, there you have to click enroll now.
  • Then an online form appears on the screen. 
  • Fill out the form with all the information, and submit it.
  • You will get the login information for your account. Now select a starter kit to start earning money.


touchstone crystal

What are starter kits?

With Touchstone Crystals, there are two starter kits for consultants. A Limited Time Kit and an Enhanced Kit. Both come with their benefits for consulting. 


Limited time kit

If you get this kit, you will acquire jewelry for the upcoming collection. Along with that, you will get some marketing materials and business tools. This kit costs $139.


Enhanced kit

It comes with benefits like catalogs, order forms, brochure, preview books, bridal collections, etc. The cost of the enhanced kit is $299.


What else can you get with the kit?

Both of the kits come with an extra opportunity. You can set up a website by paying an additional $12 per month and potentially sell more. Although this is pretty cool, there isn’t much to do with the website. Even if you pay for it, you don’t have much control over the website. It only has the basic settings of the Touchstone website and you can’t add blogs or pages as you can do on a normal website. 

This is a problem as you will have to promote your website to get people to find and use it.  If you could only add blog articles as that would help you rank on search pages within Google. That would make you stand out from the rest, especially as you’ll be looking to rank for your local area, for example, Best Jewelry {your town} which would be very easy to do.

However, if you are good at selling and advertising products, then you will find paying all that money worth it. You will need to print materials with your website to hand out at parties, and over time perhaps you could get a following.


How does Touchstone Crystal compensation work?

Touchstone is a multilevel marketing company. If you are aware of these marketing styles, you know how difficult their payment system is. You will get various commissions on the different products you sell. Luckily, Touchstone is not like that. Their compensation system is much better. 

You will get 25 to 40 percent commission for the product you sell. Due to this many people are becoming the leader of sales with only a few people in the team.  Additionally, you will get 9 percent compensation for each product of downline sales from a member of your sales team. According to the company, a consultant can earn $225 within a month. 

It means you can get most of the money you spent on the starter kit back to you in a month. 


How to make money with Touchstone Crystal

There are different tactics to sell these products. First, you can try going home to home the old fashioned way. The second method is to go to home parties. The third and easiest way is to sell them online by paying $12 a month. You can do it either way, but the company likes to do it through home parties. 

Party selling

You can sell the most this way. Of course, you need to know how to sell products face to face, and Touchstone will help you with some training materials. However, because the products are of high quality if you have a passion for jewelry that will help. Invite a lot of people to the party to get the word out about the products. Make the party vibrant and convincing to get good sales. 

Touchstone Crystal recommends inviting at least 40 people and ask those invited to bring a friend.  You can find people through Facebook, Linked-in, and work colleagues.

The reason why Touchstone prefers hosted parties is the customer tends to buy more than one item, such as matching earrings and necklaces.  It tends to be that as soon as one person buys something, others normally follow-suit!


Host a party

Touchstone enables you to host a party and be compensated.  The higher the sales the more you get in bonuses. As well as discounts from the sales you get 30% off purchases, 4 pieces half price, and 70% off if one of your friends also hosts.


Build a team

Like most MLM companies there are two ways to sell their products and make money.  As well as becoming a sales consultant yourself, you can also recruit others and you earn commission from their sales too. Recruiting your consultants is the most lucrative way to earn money, but Touchstone doesn’t provide much information on how their scheme works.

What they do say is you will earn a 9% commission on team sales and leadership ranks start when you have 3 sales consultants. In our experience, there will be greater benefits for having more consultants in your downline but also some penalties if sales targets are not hit. It’s unacceptable Touchstone Crystal fails to specify exactly how this works.


Is there a bonus?

Yes, if you are doing a good job, they will reward you. Depending on your performance, they will give you money off their jewelry for keeps. You might also get up to a 70 percent discount on their jewelry items. On top of that, good sellers get trips, cars, etc, once a year. You can also get some monthly benefits for your hard work. 


Touchstone Crystal reviews

We said that touchstone is well known for selling beautiful jewelry. Let us look at the benefits and drawbacks of the company. 


  • Appealing and unique jewelry
  • High-quality products
  • They have a very good structure for marketing
  • Training is available for improvement


  • Products are expensive
  • Problems with the software


Is legit?

Yes, Touchstone Crystal is a legit company indeed. Some people who are successful in selling with them, while others are not.  It will all depend on how much effort you will put into it. You need to be personable, charming, passionate, and helpful to sell the products to customers. Many people are good at selling items easily, while others cannot do it even with much hard work. 

Even if the products are magnificent, good face-to-face selling skills are necessary for being successful. 



Touchstone Crystal sells a really good product and it has a very good reputation with a large following.  Their pieces are unique and cost a little more than competitors, which reflects it’s quality. The compensation plan for being a sales consultant is standard for MLM companies but the difference with Touchstone Crystal is the opportunity for repeat business.

Women don’t just buy one item a year and it’s highly likely they will return to buy again from you, hopefully via your website. To earn a decent amount of money you will need to host more than one party a week, and that will be tough going.  Each party will take a lot of effort to arrange and finding at least 40 people will be difficult.

You may have a situation where there is already an established sales consultant in your area and their loyalty is with them, and not you. All of this is unknown though.  If you have a passion for jewelry and want a bit more freedom with work, then Touchstone Crystal could provide you with an ideal opportunity to get a better work-life balance.


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