How To Make Money With Userlytics

Can you make money with Userlytics?


Welcome to our Userlytics review! There are thousands of websites set up on an almost daily basis. Many companies want feedback on these and that is where Userlytics comes in.


To the “tester” it’s an opportunity to make some hard cash on the side. And there are testing sites to help you make money. We took a close up look at what it is and whether it’s any good as a side hustle.


What is Userlytics? is a website that helps people running online businesses get user feedback to see if they have a good thing going. If the websites they have built are giving visitors an online experience they will cherish, are they benefiting the businesses, or is there room for improvement? User feedback is important. It’s also a money-making vehicle for testers. Earning money by rating websites is a good way to make an extra buck, many extra bucks!

Userlytics also test apps and prototypes. It has been around since 2009 and they work with some really big brand names, such as Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Trivago, and even Google!  That’s pretty impressive.


This is what they offer their clients:

  • Picture in Picture recording allows non-verbal communication feedback
  • Privacy Protection – allows the tester to enter sensitive information without being recorded
  • Screener Questions – Allows better custom targetting
  • Skipping Logic – Direct testers to tasks based on their previous answers
  • Private Labelling – Use their logo instead of Userlytics
  • Quantitative Metrics – Easily see the recording and data together
  • Automated and Multilingual Transcriptions 
  • Annotations and Highlight Reels
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Advanced Account Management
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree Testing

Userlytics have a global participant field of over 500000 and they have their Quality Assurance panel to verify the results of the tests.



How to sign up as a Userlytics tester 

Userlytics garners user-experience. And it assures a regular income to testers. The tester examines targeted company websites, whatever those websites contain including videos and advertisements. To do this you register by clicking ‘Be Paid to Participate’ found at the bottom of the homepage and this brings up a signup page.

Simply complete the fields and you will be sent an email to verify your account.  Once you have clicked on the confirmation link, you can complete your account setup.



They provide you with a lot of information about Userlytics, how you’ll be paid, and the type of work on offer.

To become a tester you must:

  • be 16 years or older
  • have a PayPal account
  • agree with TOS and privacy policy

It does not matter which country you are from as it appears they want testers from across the globe.  This is likely because their clients are huge multi-national brands and the feedback could differ from country to country.


What software and hardware do you need?

They give you all the information on the signup page.  This is excellent as there’s no point in spending time signing up for something if you don’t have the right equipment.





They also give you the option of downloading the recorder and APP from there too. You will be using their testing software which you can get once signed up which keeps it nice and simple. 


How to make money with Userlytics

User-testing sites help people make money. Companies, websites, and app manufacturers seek them out to get feedback on the experience of users. These websites pay testers to get user feedback as they help companies to improve performance and user satisfaction.  Google ranks websites on how long we spend on a site and so feedback to improve that is valuable to them.

To make money you have to sign up; conduct the tests and record your voice doing the tests. This is done by asking and answering questions. The feedback is then assembled and submitted and if it satisfies mandated quality standards, payment is made to you.  Whilst conducting the tests Userlytics asks you to speak your thoughts and almost do a ‘voiceover’ of the test.  Whilst some tests will visually record you, all tests will record your voice.

You can expect to earn around $20 and as high as $90 per test.

Here’s a list of tasks you’ll be doing:

  • Signup for an account on the clients website and then login
  • Search shopping pages and add an item to your cart
  • Freely navigate around a website and give feedback
  • Make a comparison between the clients site and a competitors
  • Make a comparison of checkouts on 2 sites
  • Search for an item
  • Feedback on videos and ads
  • Answer questions

Each test takes between 20 to 40 minutes.  If the website asks you to input your data, such as a credit card, stop the test and reach out to Userlytics.


What’s like?   

It’s really good. The graphics catch the eye, the text is easy to make out and comprehend, content is organized professionally, and most importantly, it’s easy to navigate. The footer section has a lot of information that you can click on, such as FAQ for both clients and testers, signup page for testers and help pages. Another plus point is that it keeps a scrolling record of its customers that have used the website in the past, with reviews attached.

Some pretty high-sounding clientele names figure in the list. All the information is easily found and there are no annoying pop-ups or ads!


How much money can you earn?

Any money-making endeavor should be profitable, regular, and flexible. The keyword is “profitable.” Does Userlytics fit the criteria? Money is paid fortnightly via PayPal. There are no guarantees of getting regular testing jobs as each Userlytic client is asked to accurately describe the demographic of tester.  You may not fit that and if you do they are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The minimum you will be paid is $5 a test and the maximum $90.  We couldn’t find anything that stated how many jobs a day/week/month you’re likely to get. It’s not possible to know how much money the testers make. A little frustrating, yes. But once hired, there’s a clear line to pay. 


Is Userlytics legit?

Yes, it is.  Several independent reviews are stating they had signed up and been paid for testing.

The Better Business Bureau has rated Userlytics A+ and have not recorded any complaints. 



What are the reviews like?

Public reviews for Userlytics are good.  One review site has scored them 7.6 out of 10!  You won’t need to provide too many personal details; unlike some other testing sites.  Canceling your account can be done at any time.

Although their testing software is easy to use, an issue to watch is if their recording software fails, which it has, then you won’t be paid –  even though you did nothing wrong. 



Userlytics pay the going rate for web testing however, the fact they work with household brands is a big plus.  This probable means they want a lot more testers and the chances of you getting a job are, therefore, higher. To earn up to $90 per test is amazing but we don’t believe you can rely on this as a salary as they are unable to guarantee to work.  Userlytics does specify it is only part-time work.

As side hustles go this does appear to be a good one!  


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