How To Make Money Using Maru Springboard America

Can you make money using Maru Springboard America?


maru springboard america


Maru Springboard America is one of the best survey sites that you can use to make some quick cash. In case you haven’t heard of it, this is the perfect article for you. 

If you have an opinion and want to share it for some cash, survey sites like this are a perfect fit. They have grown in popularity in recent years with demand from both companies seeking decent, almost real-time, feedback, and the customers seeking a high-earning side hustle.

The big problem with a lot of these sites is their pay is extremely low, and we mean LOW!  We’ve seen pay rates as little as $0.01 per survey. To top it off, they have a high payout threshold.  The only winners are the website and their client.

We will look at what Maru Springboard America is and whether you can make some income off it.

So, here’s our review.


What is Maru Springboard America? 


maru springboard america


Maru Springboard America is an online survey site that pays users for participating in surveys and discussions aimed at influencing brands, products, and services. 

It is used by a variety of stakeholders to obtain useful information about their products and services. This site was founded in 2009 and has, over the years, managed to amass several customers and a considerable following. 

Maru began life in 2000 and acquired Springboard America as part of the Maru Group. What they do is charge companies a fee to obtain feedback from profiled respondents which results in more reliable data and feedback to work with.

Maru Springboard America has access to the general population, markets, and the companies competitor’s customers.  That a pretty impressive value proposition!


How to sign up for Maru Springboard America 

It will take you some minutes to sign up with this online money-making platform.

Once you visit the home page, you will come across a Join Now button. Clicking the button will take you to the registration page, which describes what the survey site works and what it does. 

You then have to fill a short survey in the About You section, which is made up of questions about yourself. These details will be used to place you for market research surveys. 

They include:

  • your gender
  • date of birth
  • education level
  • employment status
  • and your residence. 

Worry not. You won’t have to answer questions that you deem too personal. The company will then send you a verification email, which will probably take a few minutes, and you will be fully registered once you have verified your email. 

The personal questions on signup are not unique to Maru Springboard America, all survey sites that promise feedback from a certain demographic need that data from you.

It’s the only realistic option they have of knowing if you are the right fit or not.  Some survey sites even take it a step further and get you to complete a pre-survey to check eligibility for the actual survey.

Yep, you guessed it.  You don’t get paid to take the pre-survey!


What is like?

Maru Springboard America has a simple website with an excellent user interface. You will get different tabs where you can access the surveys, check your points, refer a friend, and view the contest winners. 

You can easily take a quick poll and even update your profile. The platform is quite impressive. It gives you the ability to easily view your matched surveys in the ‘My surveys’ section. 

Another great advantage, it is mobile-friendly. The FAQ’s section is found by clicking the footer section and then the Support Guide button.

The questions are split into 6 categories and there are multiple questions in each.  What we like is they are willing to answer any additional questions you have and provide a support email address.

How to make money with Maru Springboard America

This site allows you to earn income by participating in surveys. Several exciting surveys are touching on different topics that companies hold dear. Some of the stakeholders include the various government bodies and the media. 

These surveys differ in duration, on average you will probably spend between 10-20 minutes on a survey. However, keep in mind that you will probably handle one to four studies in a month, which is quite disadvantageous. 

You can also access this app from your mobile device without having to download an app. The site also has a smart technology feature, where you can start the surveys on your laptop or computer and finish them on your smartphone. 

Formerly, you could make some money when you refer your friends, family members, or relatives to the site. The program is still available, but not as often. You cannot, therefore, depend on referrals to make money off the site. 


How much money will you make?

You are awarded points every time you complete a survey. Most surveys will earn you 100 points or thereabouts. 

Other polls enter you in a sweepstake where you can earn even bigger cash. The company formerly offered points when you completed your introductory survey, but this was scraped off over time. Keep in mind that you’ll earn a dollar for every 100 points, which is pretty cool. 

Making some good money off this site, with its high payment threshold, requires that you take part in more surveys and refer as many friends as possible. 

How does Maru Springboard America pay you?

Fortunately, this site offers several avenues of cashing your points. You are eligible for a reward every time you accumulate 5000 points, whose value is $50. 

Some of the most common redemption options are a prepaid VISA card and an Amazon gift e-card. Other rewards include google play credits, iTunes credit, and your own choice of a gift card. You can choose to get your money via PayPal

You can also complete profiling and select surveys to take part in the site’s Sweepstakes. Sometimes, you will qualify through other means that are occasionally announced on the site’s homepage and social media pages. 

There are three types of sweepstakes that you can win. The Recruit Sweepstakes is drawn yearly and has a value of $1000. The Participation Sweepstake is drawn monthly. One winner pockets $500 and the other five get $50. 

Lastly, Profiling Sweepstakes are drawn monthly. Each of the ten winners gets $100. 


Are there any restrictions?

This site has age and geographical restrictions. It targets government bodies and media houses located in the USA, making it accessible to only US members. 

Members must also be 14 years or more to transact. 


What are Maru Springboard America reviews like?

Just like other sites in its category, Maru Springboard America has got a lot of people talking.




Most users love the site due to its smart technology feature that allows you to start a survey on your laptop and complete it on the desktop. 

The site is also highly secure. You do not risk losing your points to hackers or other security breaches. 

The surveys pay well, some giving you up to 100 points. 

Lastly, there is an excellent user interface that allows you to navigate the site easily. 



The site also has several cons based on customer reviews. 

One of the most common complaints is its high withdrawal threshold. You need to accumulate 5000 points to be eligible for payment, which may take you a month or more. 

You will still be required to wait for some time even after hitting the set minimum. 

The surveys are not also consistent. You are lucky if you land five in a month because the site has several users but fewer clients. 

It will take you months before you hit the set threshold. 

Lastly, customer support is not fantastic. A lot of users are complaining that most of their queries and concerns go unanswered. 


Is it Maru Springboard America legit? 

Maru Springboard America is legit. This company has existed for a long time, and served several users from different parts of the US. It is a cool way of raking in some income from participating in surveys. However, have in mind that this site does not pay as much and has a high redemption threshold.


The Better Business Bureau has graded them an F.



As with all survey sites, there are good and bad points to Maru Springboard America. The easy to use interface and investment in their smart technology is a game-changer for flexibility. However, the real money is made by entering their sweepstakes and this is where the problem lies.

You have no control whatsoever on your earnings as it is down to luck whether you are drawn a winner, or not. Sweepstakes are fine as a bonus so long as the earnings are consistent.  But on this site, they are not.

You will only be eligible to take around 5 surveys a month and so you will never earn enough to replace a salary. If you take into account the time it takes you to complete the task your hourly rate is pretty low.

From a purely financial perspective, we don’t recommend survey sites because of the poor pay rate.  But, they have a purpose. Companies need feedback and preferably from their customer demographic.  If not, how will they ever improve their products, service, or innovation?

The question is, why do they pay so low to get that feedback if it’s critical to their success?  We think your opinion should be valued far higher!


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