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Did you know that you can make some money immediately after your wedding? A wedding is an event that happens only once but takes up lots of savings and investments. Nearly Newlywed offers you a chance to recover part of this money. 

What is Nearly Newlywed?

Nearly Newlywed was founded in 2012 as a destination for designer wedding dresses. It offers buyers and newlyweds a chance to resell the dress back to recover part of the price paid. 

This site was founded by Jacqueline Courtney, who moved to New York to pursue fashion. She obtained her degree from Parsons School of Design before taking up several fashion jobs with major brands. Courtney started this company with the money she obtained from reselling her wedding dress and a few remnants after her wedding. 

nearly newlywed

How to sign up to Nearly Newlywed 

To make money through this site, you have to sign up. This is a simple process that will not take up much of your time. You will notice a sign-up section at the bottom of the main web page for creating your seller account. 

Here, you will be required to key in your first and last name, email address and select a password. The site will then send you a confirmation email, and your seller account will be active. 

You do not have to go through this procedure if you have an existing account. While registering, make sure that all the information you provide is accurate and current. You must notify the site in case any of your registration information changes. 

Keep in mind that this site reserves the right to change the required registration information even after yours has sailed through. You may also be asked about certain additional information, which you are expected to give to continue accessing the site. Also, make sure that you set a unique and secure password. In case of any breach, ensure that you notify the site through their official email. 

nearly newlywed

How good is

The site has a great customer interface with an amazing dashboard. It has a professional look, which has helped people sell their dresses fast. It has a proper layout and well-decorated tabs, which makes it a great selling site. 

How to make money with Nearly Newlywed

Sale of wedding dresses

This site enables you to make money by selling your wedding dress. You do not have to keep a wedding dress lying around when you can exchange it for some dollars. Weddings happen once, and you may never wear your gown again. 

To make a sale, you have to list your wedding dress. It is a simple process, and you will not have to do anything or answer any email until you sell the dress. However, you first have to create your dress listing. 

Creating your dress listing should not take much of your time, and while doing this, there are a few things that you need to know. To impress potential clients, you need to be as descriptive as possible and as thorough as you can. What this means is that you need to upload photos that clearly show the details of your dress. 

These details include the measurements of your dress, such as the waist and height. You must ensure that the dressing gown is yours, and it is clear of all liens or third-party interests that may challenge your ownership. 

After completing the form, you will be automatically referred to the checkout form where you are supposed to pay the one-time listing fee (we will look at this later). The quality control team will then review the dress within 2 days. The site also reserves the right to reject your dress due to reasons they deem fit. 

Keep in mind that the listing is not made live after paying the listing fee but until your dress has been approved, after which you will get notified via email. This should not take more than three days. This site mostly accepts listings of over $500 but can make an exception in some cases. 

When a buyer buys your item, you will send it to the site not later than five days after the sale, after which the site will inspect it and then ship it to the buyer. You do not have to clean the dress as they take care of that when you send it. The buyer has five days to try it on and ensure that it fits. There are certain scenarios that a buyer can reject a dress. 

In this case, it will be returned and inspected once more. This return will not be processed if the buyer returns the dress damaged. This site ensures that your product is in perfect condition all through to protect its value. You will keep your part of the proceeds. 

However, if the dress is in perfect condition upon return, it will be held for ninety days and re-listed. If the dress sells, you will be given your money. However, if it does not, you will get your dress back. 

What this site does is to ease the process of selling your wedding dress. Keep in mind that shipping will cost you $25. You can remove the listed item any time by logging into the seller listing dashboard and removing it. You can also give this directive by replying to the automated emails from this site. 

Nearly Newlywed can also has the right to remove any listing at their discretion if you do not respond to their automated email notifications in time. 

Affiliate program 

Apart from giving you a chance to convert your wedding dress into some money, this site also has an affiliate program in which you can make money. This is free to join. This affiliate program is open to all who believe in this site’s mission of helping newlyweds get affordable gowns. 

This program allows website owners to spread awareness about the website through their online communities. The site will offer you banners and content to add to your website or blog, making it friendly and attractive to readers. 

Keep in mind that this is a fast-growing company, and therefore having the ads in your blog or site may lead to more purchases. You will be given a commission percentage of those purchases. Joining the affiliate program is easy. 

Once your application has been approved, the site’s team will guide you on setting up and accessing the site’s ads and banners. 

nearly newlywed

Return policy and insurance

This site allows buyers to return goods, which is one reason why it is very popular. A return request is often submitted five days after the receipt of the dress, which means that a seller cannot be paid until after the lapse of this period. 

Nearly Newlyweds steps in to protect sellers in such a scenario by clarifying that returns should be free of any wear or tear. Other items that were shipped with the gear must also be brought back with the dress. 

This company has general business insurance, which will cover your items for any damage covered by the insurance policy when they are in their control or when they are being shipped to the buyer. However, you agree as a seller that certain degrees of normal tear cannot warrant any insurance, and therefore, the company will not cover such. 

In case your good is damaged while in the hands of Nearly Newlywed, you will get a refund proportional to the commission you were to receive and not a cent higher. The company can also occasionally use the product for promotional purposes. 

How much you earn? 

This is one of the questions that people look up when assessing money-making sites. This site may be a good platform, but it charges relatively higher commissions. You will only be entitled to 70% proceeds of the sales, which is quite exorbitant. 

Therefore, if you sell your dress for $1000, you will get $700 or less. If your dress is listed below $500, the site will always remain at $100, even if it is higher than what the commission information dictates. 

It allows you to trade your dress quickly, but it takes a huge part of the sales proceeds compared to others. 

How does Nearly Newlywed pay you?

Sellers must wait till the end of the return period to earn. This site pays through PayPal, and all payments are made within 14 business days at the end of the Return Period. The company does not settle any exchange fees that may be imposed from the transaction. 

Any restrictions?

It is clearly stated in the site’s terms and conditions that it is for personal non-commercial use only. Therefore, one cannot alter or sell any content, software, product, or services found on the site. You are barred from using any content for advertising or revenue generation activity on your website. 

Joining requirements?

To use this site to either sell or buy a gown, you have to be legally able to enter into a contract and own all the items listed. The items also need to be yours and free from any form of liens. 

Nearly Newlywed online reviews

Nearly newlyweds have a good customer rating. It is one of the leading preowned wedding dress and accessories sites with super amazing deals for designer dresses. As a result, you should expect several reviews and observations from customers and site users alike. 

We have managed to piece together the pros and cons of this site from the reviews we have seen. 


  • Allows you to make some money off your used dress

Most people shy away from used items, and therefore selling one may be quite a challenge. However, this site allows you to make money off your dress while helping newlyweds who may not afford a new designer dress. 

 You are also allowed to list your dress for any amount, which is a huge advantage. It does not also accept listings of less than $500, which means you will make a good amount from the sales. 

  • Listing is easy

Listing a dress on this site will not take you five minutes. All you need to do is fill in the listing information, and you will be good to go. Once all the requirements are met, your listing will be up. This is by far the easiest listing and selling services for newlyweds. 

  • It handles everything

Selling a dress with Nearly Newlyweds is one of the easiest experiences you will ever encounter. Once you list your dress and send it upon purchase, the site will handle the rest. It processes the details of the sale, payment, shipping, returns, and delivery. All you will be doing is waiting for your money. 

  • You can make changes anytime.

One of the reasons this site is hailed is that it allows you to modify your listing anytime you feel like it. You can log into your seller’s dashboard and change the price of your listing or update the photos and descriptions. 

  • This site pays through PayPal, which, to some, is a huge advantage. 

You do not have to wait for two weeks for the check to arrive. Payment is also processed within 14 business once the return period has expired. 

  • Security

Sellers and users have hailed this site because of its authenticity verification, making it one of the most secure and reliable online markets for gowns. 


  • High commission

This site takes a relatively higher commission compared to others in its category. Sellers are expected to part with a 30% commission when other sites charge as low as 10%. 

  • Payment of listing fee

The fact that you must pay a listing fee is a big turn-off for some. The listing fee is paid before your dress is put up for sale and is non-refundable. Having to pay for a listing fee and a commission is a great injustice. 

Is Nearly Newlywed legit? 

Yes. Nearly Newlyweds is legit. Several people have sold and obtained their wedding gowns from this site, making it one of the best bridal markets. 

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