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The 21st Century is the age of computers and the internet. Work that used to be earlier done manually, is now seamlessly transferring into the cyber-millions of online jobs. Enterprises and individuals are increasingly moving into the virtual economy and 2021 can be a red-flagged year as this trend is likely to go places, perhaps even beyond.

Online Training Management:

Customers can manage an online training program anytime, from any place and at any time. An online training registration process is automated and it can be accessed from any web-connected device such as Smartphone, laptop, or PDA. The attendees can simultaneously enter their personal information and pay via secured payment gateways too. Training organizers can also customize the registration pages by selecting themes of their choice and add downloadable widgets or add on banners to decorate the registration pages.

Online training management solutions let you manage your training programs seamlessly and accelerate integrations of your online training program and deliver experience-enhancing e-learning solutions for the organizers and the learners alike. They’ve come up with a series of online solutions that are effortless to install and handle. They come with a user-friendly form interface and one time set up fees. They also come with a series of online training management tools that can help class organizers conduct a survey or a poll with individuals and the results of the survey or poll are sent via emails.

The Interactive Learning Group. is a training and e-learning solutions company that specializes in Managed Learning. It designs e-Learning Solutions that are purpose-built for the training industry. The learning management system (LMS) solutions are nicely identifiable, simple to implement, easy to maintain, inexpensive to procure, and typically come with a series of online e-learning tools. It also handles the creation of the e-Learning courses and training programs.

The document management solution lets the organizers store documents in a password-protected website. The LMS system comes with a storage service that stores web documents, training courses, PPTs, files, and personal learning progress in an electronic format. Provide a visible management portal that is easily accessible from any part of the world and allow your delegates to create their documents, sets of documents and learn from each other directly through your LMS interface. No downloading is required – all the documents are uploaded at the end of a session.

E-Commerce Sales and Marketing: 

Automates the sales and marketing process in the event of managing courses online. stone Dynamics Series is rich in features and flexible to customization. SalesBoom is a direct connection between a Sales Track and an SFA vendor. stone Dynamics also integrates SFA vendors SaaS.

Financial Management: 

Manage registration, payment processing, and keep a track of all expenses and vendor information. The module is rich in features like the real-time billing, secure payment gateways, secure data storage facility, payment reminders, and limit customizations. It offers a complete end-to-end solution for a mid-sized to large enterprise.


A robust event registration module that is integrated with the LMS. A RegEasy feature manages registration and payment processing and ensures complete efficiency.

Waitlist Management: 

Provides a waitlist option in an easy-to-use interface to let potential attendees view the waitlist options along with the availability of tickets.

Reservation and Shipping Management: 

Automates the reservation and shipping process, taxes, currency, etc. Standardized procedures simplify the process.

Media Management: 

Easily upload your product data, images, videos, contingencies, crowdsourcing, and much more.

Sign-up and Registration: 

Manage sign-up and student registration with the help of the Registration Manager. Integrate with LMS and create automatic emails to invite potential students.


Handles all file transferring through a fully-integrated file sharing module. Create and upload documents, spreadsheets, photos, and much more. Users can also view file stats on the hover over menu option.

Third-Party Integration: 

Hook up to any event solution provider and convert the single form into an integrated form solution. Promote your training programs through social media directly from the event solution. Paste your ad into our custom-made text boxes and promote your training programs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

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