How To Make Money Using Online Verdict

Can you make money using Online Verdict?


Online Verdict enables mock jurors to rule on a case online after being presented with all facts of the trial. These are real cases, being dealt with by real attorneys and they need your help to decide how best to approach a trial. Exciting stuff! Things get interesting when you are paid to pass mock judgment on a case, that too without having to leave your house. Your reasonable and sound judgment is required to pass a ruling.

It’s crucial to note here that you wouldn’t be passing actual judgment but, simply providing Online Verdict with your response on the case. This means that you aren’t employed full or part-time by Online Verdict or any other institution to judge a criminal case. 

Wondering how you could earn money on the side using Online Verdict? 


What is


online verdict


Online Verdict is a website that conducts online research and focus groups that provide feedback of mock-trials to attorneys. It began in 2004 and now has more than 800,000 jurors who are qualified in every county and they can provide results within 48 hours after posting a case summary. The website assists in designing the case questionnaire that the jurors respond to based on its long experience in the jury consulting industry, which is more than 20 years.

 Their homepage is impressive. They have a lot of details about their scheme, who has successfully used it and have made it clear both jurors and attorneys can join, with separate tabs for both. 

Qualified jurors (those who have been accepted by Online Verdict) are presented with a summarized version of a case, and attorneys use their feedback to learn about its strengths and weaknesses, the potential compensation value and allows them to make better decisions when trying to settle their disputes.

 It’s clear Online Verdict is a leader in this field as there’s a long list of things they offer on their Services page!

Requirements to join

 You need to be a US citizen compulsorily.

  • Be 18 years of age or more.
  • Open to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Have a clean criminal record i.e. no felonies.
  • Shouldn’t be employed as an attorney with the government or another firm.


How does Online Jury work?

To begin your association with them, you would need to qualify for all the above requirements and then fill up a sign-up form.


online verdict


The website is really simple to use and works by receiving your basic information, for instance, about your county and federal district. There are no fees to pay when joining the juror database. If you are approved, your Online Verdict account will be set up where you will receive an email invitation from an attorney posting a case that is in your county or federal district.

Upon acceptance to participate as a juror in the case, you will sign off a privacy agreement after which you will review the details of the case and respond to all questions. Jury duty is allocated on a first come first serve basis, and usually they require between 25 to 50 jurors to run a case. Be quick if you want the job!

You are presented with the facts of a criminal case and required to pass sound and reasonable judgment on it after having gone through everything. A single case might take up anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour of your time. Just answer their questions honestly, just like you would if this was a real-life trial; there are no wrong or right answers. The attorneys benefit from your information and they plan their case approach using the responses you have given.


How much will you be paid?

Depending upon the intensity of the criminal case, your compensation for providing judgment will range between $20 to $60. This is more than other mock trial sites! There are no long-term commitments with Online Verdict and you can choose to delete your account whenever you wish. All payments are made once a month by sending a cheque to your US mailing address.  

That’s the downside as similar sites like Ejury pay via PayPal. You can read our full review of here.


Have the public given Online Verdict reviews?

The short answer is no! We could not find a single review about Online Verdict and we searched everywhere. This is usually a bad sign but on this occasion, there’s no need to raise the red flag! Online Verdict has been in business doing mock trials since 2004 – that’s a long time and it’s clear they’re legit and the market leader. 

The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating. We believe that if people were unhappy with their services then some negative reviews would be around. 



The reviews on the Online Verdict website from jurors and attorneys are positive. Jurors are happy that it pays them well and for every hour worked. They also compliment the website for the ease of questions asked because anyone with a basic education can be a juror and earn money on this website. On the other hand, attorneys are happy that they can get verdicts quickly and can prepare for their cases faster and get better judgments for their clients.

 If you are a little cautious you could always reach out to the companies they claim to partner with and gauge their opinion?


Is Online Verdict legit?

 It’s very difficult to say yes or no. On the face of it, there’s nothing to worry about as they’re not asking you to pay any fees at all and the worst that could happen is you never get offered a job. Their website looks really good and provides a lot of information about the juror and attorney process, so it’s hard to imagine they would go to all that trouble if they didn’t follow through with it!

One strange thing though is on their homepage where they are advertising affiliate links to survey sites. They’ve so many we had to scroll down the page! It may not be anything to worry about as they may just want to earn extra revenue, but it is unusual.


Ejury vs Online Verdict

 There are a few other players in the mock trial field and Ejury is another we have reviewed. Essentially, this offers the same service as Online Verdict although it does pay slightly less. Signing up is free of charge and the joining requirements are the same. The main difference with Ejury is they will pay you via PayPal which is so much better than a cheque in the post.

The public has also posted a lot of online reviews regarding, which adds a lot to its integrity. There aren’t any reviews for Online Verdict. Both have the same issue regarding the infrequent offers of jobs and how they are allocated. Some users get more than others and Ejury does favor experienced members first.



If you are looking at ways to make money online without paying anything, then this could work for you. Bear in mind though that this is not going to make you rich, or even replace your salary. Work is infrequent and although the pay per job is decent, this is not enough to rely on to pay your bills.

Our preferred choice is to earn true passive income and this is not that gig. It’s a side hustle, an option, a bit of fun perhaps. But, it’s not the best way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is the most profitable and we are advocates of using ClickBank, one of the largest and respected networks in the world. Learn how that platform works and you’ll never need Online Verdict!


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