16 Emerging Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Best Part-Time Work from Home Jobs.


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Part-time work from home jobs are becoming increasingly popular for very obvious reasons. The fact is that having a part-time job goes a long way to giving you a better work-life balance and is the dream of many moms and dads, single parents, and fresh school leavers to work from home. The excellent thing about these part-time jobs is you can work online from the comfort of your home.

What this means is you can have more time to pursue your dreams, bond more with your partner and kids while you earn some extra income to meet your monthly financial obligations.  Oh, and no stressful commute, ever!  What’s not to like about that!?  


So, Why Work from Home?

For a part-time job to make our ‘best of’ list, it must have certain qualities such as time flexibility, good pay, less stress, and easy to sign up with no fees! Don’t fall for the scammers out there. Whether you leave your 9-5 job for a new part-time job is entirely up to you, the aim is to make more money and have more time to have fun. 

It is possible to earn more money by working from home, you just need to identify the right opportunity for you.  We can help you!


Search for Part-Time Work from Home Opportunities!

Finding the right part-time job is not always an easy task. While searching for a part-time job, you must define your expectations ahead of time and know exactly what you are looking for.  What are you good at, interested in, qualified to do?  Equally, what do you dislike?  Yes, we all have things we don’t like doing and, trust me, they are just as boring doing them at home as in the office!

With several online part-time jobs available today, you will no doubt find something that fits into your schedule and expectations. In this post, we will explore some of the most popular part-time jobs you can find today, and all you need to know about these job opportunities.


Here are some of the best part-time jobs currently out there:


  1. Proofreading 



Proofreading is an emerging online career opportunity that allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Even if you have a 9-5 job, you can still do well as a proofreader, especially if you have a passion for writing and reading. Proofreading as a part-time job requires you to go through what another has written intending to find common errors and fix such errors.

To qualify as a professional proofreader, your grammar must be impeccable and topnotch. Please don’t judge mine!


  1. Copywriting

To maximize your earnings from proofreading, you can extend your services to freelance writing. This is because most people who are in search of proofreaders to hire, also appreciate the services of a skilled copywriter, who can help them turn out the best quality content on any given topic. This way, you will gain more dedicated and repeat clients and earn way more. Oh yeah!


Interestingly, several platforms can help you connect with companies and individuals from all over the world, who are searching for proofreaders and copywriters to hire for their content creation projects.

You can check out sites like Fiverr.com, freelancer.com, or upwork.com to get started.


  1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has joined the list of best part-time jobs for anyone looking for ways to make money online or from the comfort of their homes. With several companies learning the benefits of outsourcing most of their official tasks to remote workers as against hiring more employees, you are sure to find a lucrative bookkeeping part-time job without any difficulties. 

It’s a really big growth area.


There are several companies out there who would want to pay you to get your opinion about their products and services. Some of these companies pay huge sums for your time while some pay only a token for your thoughts. With dedication and resilience, you can earn a handsome income every month answering simple questions.

Some companies will give you their products to test and ask you a few questions afterward.  Plus, you keep the product!


4. App and Movie Reviews

Several app developers are looking for people like you who will spend a few minutes testing their new apps before they are released into the market.  I mean, you can do this in the local park on your smart device!

These developers will allow you to download these apps for free, test them, and criticize the apps to enable the developer to make necessary improvements before releasing them to the public.  You get paid handsomely for your time and opinion.


5. Virtual Assistant

Taking the job of a virtual assistant (VA) may be all you need to make all your dreams come true. As a virtual assistant, you will be expected to be versatile and can multitask. Some of the responsibilities you will be saddled with as a virtual assistant include telemarketing, data entry, bookkeeping, responding to emails, taking customer calls, etc.

You can connect with companies in search of virtual assistants on freelance platforms.  You mostly get paid per hour, rather than the amount of work you do, and there are pros and cons to either. I don’t like trading hours for pay but, being a VA could give you the flexibility you crave right now.


  1. Podcast Editor



With several organizations turning to the podcast for their online fundraising campaigns, you are sure to find a side job as a podcast editor. All you need to do is add podcast editing to the list of services you provide on your LinkedIn account or your freelance profile. There are loads of websites you can sign up to advertise your services.  Podcasts are massively growing in popularity and a good editor is worth their weight in gold.

Have a good reputation and regular work will follow, as the best Podcasts publish at least once-a-week to keep their audience engaged.


7. Transcription

You can take up a part-time transcription job. Your task will be to turn audios into written scripts and articles for easy understanding. As a transcription expert, you can also do well as a translator. You can translate any audio message in a foreign language you understand to English or any other desired language. 

Daily Transcription, Scribie, and Literably are some good examples we recently took a deep look at.


8. Social Media Manager


Social media has come to stay and is at the forefront of advertising and marketing campaigns in today’s tech-driven era. You can take up a part-time job as a social media manager and help companies manage their social media handles and campaigns. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for posting relevant information and engaging your audience constructively with hot and trending topics.


9. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, your earning potentials are quite high. Companies are always looking for ways to market their brands with the right materials. As a graphic designer, you will handle tasks like web designs, logo designs, flyers, business cards, and several other marketing campaign materials.  You will be in high demand if you can create high converting social media ads! 


10. Web Design


As a graphic designer, adding web design to the list of services you provide won’t be a bad idea at all. With your graphic design knowledge and experience, all you need to do would be to make sure you learn some coding basics and guidelines. Even if you can’t go deep into HTML and coding, there are several click and drop tools you can use to create very professional looking websites for people and get paid for your time and efforts.


11. Data Entry

Data entry is a very popular home-based job that you can do from anywhere. You are only expected to enter important work data in a worksheet. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, with a focus on Excel, will give you an edge as a data entry expert. Like most other online part-time jobs you decide when to work and what you earn with data entry.


12. Customer Service

Companies now believe it is cheaper to hire remote workers and virtual assistants on a part-time or contract basis than to engage full-time workers with a defined salary and other entitlements.

As a part-time customer service agent, you can work from your home at your own time and on your terms. The good part is you can do this for more than one company to increase your earnings.

13. Photo Editing

Photo editing has always been a lucrative job. With the advent of the internet, more and more people are looking for photo editors with the right skills and experience to help them give their ordinary photos some extraordinary look and feel. Even big companies are not left out in this as they are always looking for ways to send a clear message to their online community, using the right photos.

They say a photo says a thousand words and I say a well-edited photo can say even more. As a good photo editor, you can always smile to the bank at the end of every month. You can sell your skills on freelancing sites with ease.



14. Appointment Setter

The truth is that most people are too busy to even set their appointments. As an appointment setter, you can easily make some extra money helping companies and busy business persons set and manage their business and personal appointments. You only need to download some online tools and keep a digital calendar for each client. 


15. Recipe Creator

recipe creator


Many chefs and foodies are beginning to explore beyond their local dishes. As an intercontinental recipe creator, you can make some good money helping people create the best quality recipes, to tickle their taste buds and keep them yearning for more. A lot of companies will pay you to create bespoke recipes for an e-Book and the average pay is around $100 a day!


16. Market Researcher

Companies are always in search of market researchers who can help them conduct professional market surveys before the launching of any new product or service. Even new companies pay for this type of part-time job to enable them to measure the capacity of their competitors.


Don’t Hate Your Boss – Be Your Boss!!

The list of part-time jobs you can start today can go on and on. But I believe you have more than enough options to explore from this post. With a combination of a few part-time jobs mentioned here. You are sure to get your life back and enjoy your financial freedom sooner than you expect.

The best part is that you won’t need to pay anyone any dime before you start making money from part-time jobs.


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