PlaytestCloud Review – The Ultimate Money-Making Gaming Venture (or is it?)


You can easily turn gaming into a money-making venture. There is nothing as rewarding as getting paid for doing what you love. If you spend most of your free time playing computer games, you need to try out PlaytestCloud. 

What is PlaytestCloud?

PlaytestCloud is open to anybody all over the world. It is a legit company that has been operation since 2012 and pays game testers every week to try out games and give honest feedback. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and good headphones, and you are ready to go. 

Game developers require game testers for feedback, they state on their website they want to ‘make games that players love’. Nobody wants to release a shoddy job to the public, and therefore, developers are willing to spend a fortune to ensure that their inventions are legit before release. 

How to sign up to PlaytestCloud

Getting to work with PlaytestCloud is simple. You only have to sign up by creating an account and then waiting for the jobs. The process is also quite relaxed. You only have to fill a sign-up form where you will key in your email, full name, favorite games, gaming devices, country, gender, and birth date. 


After you accept the terms of service and privacy policies, a confirmation link will be sent to your email when your request is accepted. 

What is like?

Since you will be testing games, you should expect a superb website, which is well arranged to serve your needs. You can easily navigate the site, giving you an easy time doing what you do best. 

How to make money with PlaytestCloud

You definitely know what you need to do to make money off this site by now. PlaytestCloud will send you an email whenever there is a game that you need to try out. This is quite a detailed email since it also informs you of the device that the game is meant for and the pay. To participate, you only need to follow the link to download the game. Therefore, keep in mind that you will need a super-strong internet connection. Once your mind is made up, download the game and play it immediately. 

Keep in mind that you will only get games when you meet the test criteria. Therefore, be keen when completing your profile since it will determine whether you will land a game or not. What follows once you download the game and open it will determine whether you will be paid or not. After downloading the game, make sure that you follow the instructions. You will get a video that will inform you of how to hook up your mic and headphones. You also need to identify a quiet place where you will handle the test. 

Therefore, always ensure that you are in a serene environment before trying out a test, or your attention will be divided. As you play, this video will tell you to talk out loud. This might sound a little weird, but you get used over time. Each game will take roughly 30-45 minutes, followed by a short survey where you should provide super honest feedback. Keep in mind that you will also be talking about your goals as you play the game. 

Testing is more than just playing. The developer wants to know what is in your mind as you are playing the game to ascertain its impact on the target audience and other gamers. As you play, the site will record both your voice and screen. 

How much will you earn on PlaytestCloud? 

This site pays quite well. You will receive roughly $9 or more for every test, which is quite commendable since you will likely take less than an hour. It is worth noting that this rate is not fixed. If you are lucky enough, you will earn double the amount for some of the tests, especially if you have to sacrifice a lot of time. 

If the jobs are consistent, you can make a good amount in just a day. We will talk about the job flow and earning potential in the course of our discussion. 

How do you get paid? 

Luckily, this site pays via PayPal, one of the most accessible payment means globally. This site is open to everybody from all over the world, and since PayPal is international, it is the best avenue. PlaytestCloud pays regularly each week. Therefore, upon completion of your test, you should expect your money a few days later. 

Any joining restrictions?

This site can be used by gamers worldwide, and therefore, it lacks any geographical restriction. You only need to be more thorough with your profile to land more jobs and get better pay. Once you have a current device, mic, and a superb internet connection, you are good to go!

PlaytestCloud online reviews 

There are several reviews regarding this site. Whereas most of them are positive, there are a few negative ones. PlaytestCloud allows you to do something that you enjoy and get paid for it. Also, the fact that the pay is good and is processed quickly makes this site a darling among many. Communication and support are also great, which is a huge advantage. 

Some of the downsides include the limited number of tests. There are many testers compared to developers, which limits the number of projects. Therefore, you cannot rely on this site for full-term income. 

Talking out loud may also be pretty weird, especially if you are a chilled person. You need to find a serene environment that is not easy, especially if you have kids playing or running around. Lastly, you will need a strong internet connection or a good data plan when downloading and uploading the videos showcasing you playing the games. However, the pay is good if you are lucky enough to get several tests in a month. 

Is PlaytestCloudlegit? 

Yes. PlaytestCloud is a legit source of income. It has been around for quite some time, and people have been earning from it. However, it does not have a consistent workflow and cannot be a full-time income source. You can sign up to increase your income-generating ventures. 

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