ShoutVox Review – Make Money by Working From Home

ShoutVox Review – Make Money by Working From Home


Welcome to our ShoutVox review, a platform that promises businesses to ‘outrank your competition’ by providing a full-service content solution.

Writing and content creation has become a very lucrative side gig. The best part about this venture is if you have time and resources, you can turn it into a full-time job. You can make enough to sustain yourself through writing.

ShoutVox has been on the tongues of many for a while now. So, is it legit? Can you make passive or even active income working on ShoutVox?

In this review, we will break it down and answer all your questions about this platform. Here is everything you need to know about the ShoutVox platform!


What is ShoutVox?

Have you of content mills or marketplaces? ShoutVox is a digital marketing firm that started operating in 2018. The firm is based in New York City. It has since then been running. 

We can say that the platform is the new kid on the block since it has not been in operation for as long as some similar sites we have reviewed, but that can be a good thing.  A little competition never hurt anyone!

The site claims that it’s the perfect place where writers can have their voices heard and get paid for it. The website also claims that the platform does more than just providing articles for clients. It takes pride in helping the clients develop a cohesive strategy to help in business developments and an excellent return on investment for every dime they have spent.


How does ShoutVox work?

ShoutVox works like any other content marketplace. Writers are paid to deliver content based on what the client is looking for. The site pays writers to make blogs, create articles for websites, and search engine optimized (SEO) content for landing pages. 

The site also offers other services for clients such as courses that can be monetized, social media engagement, and designing landing pages for their sites.

There are the same basic principles ShoutVox follows:

  • What are the client’s goals? – By consulting with each customer they are able to better understand what they want and need.  They define this as ‘Determining Marketing Goals’. In this part, ShoutVox will analyze the competition to see where the gaps are.
  • What content does the client need?  Once they know what their goal is, they need to know what type of content is needed.  Here they will select one, or more, content services.
  • Produce the content.  ShoutVox will now create the content for their client.
  • Publishing and sharing of the content created.


As a freelancer, you’ll be responsible for point 3.


How to sign up to ShoutVox

You will be required to provide your full name, email address, and writing samples. You can provide links to any published work, if any, or make a sample in the space they have provided. Once you have submitted your application, allow 3-5 days for your application to be reviewed. 

You will receive further instructions once your application is approved, and you should also receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

Signing up for ShoutVox is free, and you will not be asked to provide any commissions or fees to get started. Once your request has been reviewed and approved, you will receive logins to your account. You can then login and view the available tasks you can undertake.


How much can you make using ShoutVox?

The site is not very focused on its writers as it is on clients. Most of the website’s information is centered on the client and what the site offers for clients. Although slightly annoying as this review is about how much you can earn as a freelancer, we believe this is a good thing.

Firstly, ShoutVox is very client focussed – that’s their USP.  Their ultimate aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with a business and so it makes sense to have a website geared towards attracting new custom.

Secondly, they don’t want to work with just any writer.  You will have to be good to be accepted.  They want to see at least 3 of your published works, or have you provide examples if you have no portfolio.

Writers, however, get $0.06 per word. There is also claims that one can make $24.36 per hour, although that seems impossible given the lack of jobs on the platform and that a writer can only take one job at a go! 

There are also no positive reviews on anyone who has made any money working on the site. On the contrary, the first thing that comes up when you search ShoutVox is reviews of people complaining about salaries and the availability of jobs.


How do you get paid?

The website is not clear about anything on getting paid, including how much you need to cash out, how to cash out and when users get paid.  As of writing, we had not received any response from the customer support on the issue.


ShoutVox online reviews

ShoutVox is the new kid on the block, so writers are okay with the rates given on the platform. However, some users expressed disappointment with the long process of doing anything, including claiming a task. 

The user needs to file a ticket for everything, which means there will be long waiting. Users also complain that there are barely any tasks to undertake. The jobs are posted infrequently, and when they are posted, it may take forever to file for receipts and get the job.

The system also allows a user to only take a task at a time. The site also comes with very stringent job requirements where the writer is supposed to attach free-use images with the tasks. That’s not all, however! 

The site also has an indemnity clause that holds the writer responsible for any rights issues and not them. The process of getting a job is also unnecessarily long and tiresome. The site is not very friendly for writers that don’t have all day to spend on the tasks.

The site also requires the use of MS Word, which may not sit very well with Mac users. The time taken to review an application is also too long. Some applications even take up to a week before they are reviewed. 

ShoutVox website also has little or no information, for those looking to do money writing. Finally, the site has poor reviews on Reddit, Indeed, and other similar sites. Too many users are complaining about ShoutVox and all the services they offer.


Is ShoutVox legit?

ShoutVox is legit, but there are too many complaints about the site. The only positive thing we could find is the quick and free sign up process. The site is otherwise a waste of time and talent. 

The website is flooded with too many writers and little or no work to go around. The site advertises opening for writers and accepts many writers while there are minimal jobs posted. The pay is also way below the average payment rates in writing. Even for beginner writers, the pay is very little. 

There are also other concerns like limited information on how you get paid and when you get paid. There is basically no review of anyone who ever got paid despite the company having been in the market for over two years. 

Also, the site has a very low rating. We do not recommend this site for anyone looking for a way to make some extra cash delivering content. There are better sites with high-paying jobs and lots of projects to choose from for the writers.

Here are some other freelance writing sites we reviewed – Constant ContentBarefoot WriterThe Forum Wheel.

Is there a better way to make money online?

We believe there is an easier and less time-consuming way to earn more money, which will keep you earning a reliable and sustainable income for years.  

Have you come across ClickBank?

This is the largest seller of digital products in the world, and the most respected, and where you can earn money by selling them.  So instead of writing other peoples articles on ShoutVox, concentrate on writing the best content for your own website! It’s all online and done from the comfort of your own home.

The process is pretty easy, even for newbies with no prior experience. Choose a niche, such as Computers/Internet, and then promote the product of your choice.  You can do this in several ways, for example via Social Media, YouTube, or our favorite way, your own website.

There are so many products to choose from, so fear not you will find a highly profitable one to promote.

Take a look at some products we found on ClickBank that are similar to ShoutVox.




There are so many to choose from and the commission per sale is far higher than writing landing page scripts will ever be, between 50-75% per sale. Look at the top one – you will earn 50% commission and the average sale earns you over $40.  How many written ShoutVox articles is that??!

The best thing – it’s all digital-based and so you don’t have to buy inventory, worry about running out of stock, or pay joining fees.  ClickBank is free to join and use. 

The best products also give you all the tools you need to be successful.  For instance, they’ll give you detailed articles to place on your website, email swipes to send your subscribers and customers, 4K quality video to promote on YouTube, banner ads, and so on.

All for FREE!

Introducing our favorite method…

Put the right product in front of the right people and the sales will roll in, time and time again.

But, that’s the hardest part.  So many people try and fail at this – because they just do it wrong.  

Learn how to do it the correct way, from the outset, and your chances of success are HIGH.  It’s not unheard of for beginners to rake in $1000 A DAY.  

You’re obviously interested in making money online, otherwise you wouldn’t have found this article in the first place.  You might be thinking ‘this is too difficult…I’m not good at this sort of thing…I’ll leave it to the gurus’.  

You can do it!


Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
As with all new experiences, you will have to learn how to do it and there’ll be some bumps along the way.  That’s completely normal.

What if we told you there was a training system that eliminates risk?  That you could cut and paste a successful business?  ShoutVox can’t offer that!

ClickBank University 2.0 is the best affiliate marketing training available.  They have designed an online package so detailed you graduate with a high chance of success.  Remember, just follow what they tell you to do!

It’s so good, even gurus, like John Crestani, reference it!  It’s the only official course offered by ClickBank and it kind of makes sense to study their training.

ClickBank University goes at your pace and fits around your schedule.  This eliminates you from getting overwhelmed and enables you to study in bite-sized pieces.

What you need to do is dedicate a small amount of time, complete the task, and move on.  By the end of the course, you’re all set up, and primed to earn money.

Making money while asleep is now a possibility.  Still got that ShoutVox application open??

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

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