Skooli Review – Best Emerging Trend To Educate The Next Generation?


Welcome to our Skooli review! Do you know what, one can make a fortune by offering his or her services on the internet? The rise of digital technology has had a significant impact on several sectors, including education. Both public and private institutions are willing to adopt technological solutions to better learning for both students and teachers. 

Online tutoring has, therefore, emerged to be a major part of learning. Parents and families have become more receptive to technology, which has seen the rise of platforms such as Skooli, which offer academic support to kids and learners. 

What is Skooli?

Skooli is a digital classroom that was founded in 2014. Its headquarter is based in Toronto. It deals with Maths, Humanities, Science, and Languages. In case you are a teacher who majors in these, here is a chance for you to earn some money. 


How to sign up to Skooli

You will have to apply to be a Skooli tutor. The application process is quite lengthy. You are required to offer specific information that needs to be verified to clear you for your first session. 

To apply, visit the main site and register using either your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account. You will then be asked to give some basic information. Remember to use an inviting and professional profile photo that will spark interest in you. You should add the subjects you are qualified to handle and the grade levels you can teach. 

There is a quick form that you will fill to tell the platform what sets you apart and your educational background. You can use the check box to indicate that you are a certified teacher. While filling in the “What Sets You Apart” field, ensure that you highlight your personality and interests. 

You will also be required to upload your government-issued photo ID documents. It is a simple procedure. You can choose to drag or click to upload. Do not fail to include both the back and front sides of the ID. The document Number field should capture your ID number. 

You will be halfway done by doing this. You should add your post-secondary degrees after that by using the upload fields to offer scans or images of your degree. In case you do not have these scans, an official transcript from your college showing that you completed a degree is enough. You can add as many degrees as possible. 

You will also be required to add a teaching license in case you are a qualified teacher. With this, the team will verify your teaching credentials. This is easy to upload. Just follow the same method you did while dealing with your degrees. 

The last step is to add your criminal record check. You may need to get it from your state or provincial police if you do not have one or, better yet, use an online service. This is not a requirement, but it helps you win the trust of parents. After this step, you can review and submit your application by dialing the ‘Finish’ button. 

After your application has been completed, the review team will go through your credentials. Keep in mind that the company employs the most qualified tutors, meaning that not all applications will be valid. 

If your application goes through, you will be notified and go live immediately. 

How to make money with Skooli 

Skooli pays you for the time you spend tutoring students. Remember, this is an online tutoring platform that aims to help students get better marks. It offers a competitive hourly rate that is quite attractive. 

It does not pair you with any student. They will find you in the tutor directory based on the subjects that you are qualified to teach. To reach you, they will send private messages or arrange a session whenever you are available. 

To set your availability, log into your tutor account and go to the dashboard. Here, click on My Availability, which lets you access the feature of managing and setting your availability. 

To begin a scheduled session, log into your tutor account before the session starts. Your dashboard will show you an upcoming session notification to click the link on the lesson and join the classroom. 

For immediate sessions, you only need to click start session and go directly to the classroom. Immediate sessions are those that are initiated by a student without any schedule. Keep in mind that tutors cannot schedule a session. 

The sessions should resemble a typical in-person tutoring session. Therefore, make it as lively as possible and help your student with the topics and subjects they are interested in, which should not be a problem if you have dealt with students before. 

What will you do as a Skooli teacher?

One needs a computer with stable internet for a session. As a teacher, you need to be clear enough to the students. This site takes professionalism seriously, and therefore, you need to be willing to work to earn. 

There is no minimum time commitment, so do not worry that your tutor account will be revoked. You can choose to teach several hours in a day or just a few minutes, depending on your schedule. You are also not limited to the number of lessons. 

However, keep in mind that once you take up a class, the site requires you to work with the student until the end. Students will keep booking sessions with you, provided that your profile shows that you are available. If you need to stop this, you can switch off your availability, which will turn to grey, and delete all the available blocks. 


How much money can you make with Skooli? 

Just like we mentioned, Skooli pays competitive rates, which most people find lucrative. Teachers are paid $25 an hour. A minimum session length should be 15 minutes. The amount you will make depends on the number of hours that you will teach. 

It does not have any restrictions as to the amounts a tutor can make. You are allowed to earn as much as you want, provided that you have enough clients. You should, therefore, ensure that you attract as many students as possible. Here are a few tips that will help you do that: 

Complete profile

 You need to have a full profile. Make sure that you include your cover image, video message, and a range of topics. 

Ratings and Reviews

This may take time, and therefore, you need to be patient. It would be best if you asked your students to rate you after every session to improve your profile. Note that tutors with the highest ratings appear on top of the list and can be easily identified.  

Be Flexible

You need to be available if you need more students. Also, your availability should be flexible with the students’ availability. The positive side is that this is a 24/7 site for students.  

You can set yourself as ‘available now’ if you have time, which will see you getting immediate sessions from different students. Skooli will always send you a pop-up notification where you can choose to either initiate or decline the class.   

Quick response

You should treat all users as potential clients. Nobody likes to be left waiting for long. Therefore, ensure that you respond quickly and help as much as you can once you get a direct message from a student. 

How does Skooli pay? 

This site pays tutors via PayPal, which is the only supported payment means. You can update or add your PayPal address in the earning sections of the dashboard. You can request a payout provided that you have met the $100 threshold. When you request a payout, the site will credit your PayPal account. You can open a PayPal account quickly in case you do not have one. 

Any joining requirements?

To be eligible as a tutor with Skooli, one must be a certified teacher in North America and have a legal teaching license. You will also be accepted if you have ESL or TOEFL certifications. One must also have either a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ account. 

In case you are wondering why Social Media Connect is necessary, it allows the site to ease the signup process. It is also used to verify your identity and college associations. Skooli can never use any information offered without your permission. 

Most people fear that their data may be exposed when they link their social media accounts to websites, which is valid. However, when you use Social Media Connect with Skooli, you only be allowing them to access your basic information intended to streamline the signup process. 

It can never post anything to your wall or your friends’ walls. They will not also spam your friends. Using Social Media Connect allows you to share information if you need to quickly but does not in any way infringe on your privacy as an individual. 

Skooli online reviews 

People have different opinions about this site. However, the majority are happy with what it offers and how it operates. We have managed to put up a list of pros and cons from user reviews and information. 


Lucrative pay

Skooli offers tutors a competitive hourly rate of $25, which is way higher than the average wage. Tutors are rewarded for the time they spend helping students in different fields. One can also access this money anytime, provided that he/ she meets the set threshold. 


Most people love this site since it offers tutors valuable experience from the hours spent helping the students with their schoolwork. Skooli allows teachers to mater their abilities when dealing with specific subjects in a classroom environment. 

 Keep in mind that the world is becoming more receptive to personalized learning over time. Therefore, the more you interact with students through Skooli, the more you increase your chances of making serious career moves.  

Skooli has several features that tutors can take advantage of, which is why it is a leading online teaching platform. It offers tutors the experience that they need to thrive in the coming world. 

Skooli helps tutors meet more students and thus make more money

Skooli is a better platform than most applications in its category. It only accepts the best tutors and has therefore worn the hearts of many parents and students. As a result, it serves many clients. It is also better than traditional in-person tutoring, which does not expose tutors to several students. 

Landing a student as an in-person tutor can also be challenging. However, with Skooli, provided that you have an engaging profile and make yourself available, you will reach several students at ease. 

Creates room for entrepreneurial growth

Entrepreneurship is an essential aspect of our lives that should always be promoted. This site refers to its tutors as edupreneurs since it shapes them to be directors of personal tutoring businesses while also growing as educators. It allows educators to share their marketing techniques. Tutors also get a chance to build their business reputation through ratings and reviews, making extra income and grow. 

Prompt payment

Skooli allows you to access your money anytime provided that you have met the set threshold. You do not have to wait for weeks for your payment to be processed as required by other sites. This site also uses PayPal, one of the most accessible and convenient payment platforms globally. Your balance will be credited to your PayPal account the moment your request a check out. 


There are also a few negative sides that we have established from the tons of reviews. 

Offers only one Payment means

You can only get paid through PayPal if you choose to be a tutor with Skooli. This isn’t very pleasant given that there are many payment methods available. Its lack of flexibility when it comes to payment options is a huge turn-off for some. 

You have to meet a given threshold to be paid 

This site dictates that you must make at least $100 to be eligible for cashout, which means that you have to cover at least four full sessions. This is a considerable disadvantage, especially for beginners. 

Is Skooli legit? 

Yes. This is a legit platform that guarantees tutors a fortune. You can apply if you have the right certifications and we highly recommend it.

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