Best Travel Affiliate Programs in 2020

Travel Affiliate Programs Worth Joining in 2020.


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Did you know travel is one of the most searched terms on the internet?   The travel industry has multi-million dollar ad campaigns to entice us to book our next escape!  You can use that to your advantage and earn money through travel affiliate programs, but which ones are the best? The travel niche is crowded, which is a good thing for those wishing to make some extra money from affiliate marketing in the industry.

So, as a travel blogger or affiliate marketer, you must be wondering what travel affiliate programs can help you earn some decent money on the side?

Well, below are some of the highest-earning travel affiliate programs worth looking at:

Boosting more than 1000,000 places to stay around the world, is one of the largest and fast-growing travel websites on the internet currently. Well, you might have come across this website online, planned your travel, or even booked a hotel through them. The affiliate program is relied upon by more than 12,500 sites online. How to make money through this program?

Because as an affiliate member of, you get a certain percentage for every successful booking. For every booking, you will get a commission of 25%.  However, the commission rises to 40% if you refer more than 500 guests, for instance.


Expedia is among some of the largest travel conglomerates worldwide. Besides hotel and flight bookings, Expedia also offers rental cars, which serves among other services that affiliates can easily earn money from.  Got to love the upsells! Expedia affiliates can earn a commission of 2-6% on referrals. However, sales for things such as pre-packaged vacations have ineligible commission.

But do not worry about that, you will be informed about all other things that are ineligible for commissions on joining the program.



Travelpayouts affiliates can earn through various travel services such as car rentals, hotel & flight bookings, transfers, and insurance, among many others. The more you help travel visitors plan for their vacations, the more you will earn through the Travelpayout affiliate program. Affiliate members earn 1.6% for every flight referral and 6% for a hotel booking. Travelpayouts has three platforms that affiliates can use to promote.

  • is used for flight searches
  • for hotels
  • for flights across western Europe.



Most people use TripAdvisor to check reviews, and maybe recommendations, about various hotels when planning a trip. Above all, TripAdvisor is a great platform for bloggers to earn some money! Affiliates can get content from this website and publish it on their blogs using hyperlinks back to the original content.

It has links to over 500,000 cities and hotels, giving their guests a variety to choose from so, you can earn a commission of 50% for every referral made. Plus, it gets paid out at the end of every month – just like a salary!



Amazon Associates

Travel is not all about booking flights and hotels. Travelers will also need travel equipment, such as clothing, travel gear, and other related accessories. Amazon Associate affiliates earn money by recommending people to buy items sold on Amazon.  You just need a blog to get the traffic and then point them in the direction of the goods!

Items that fall into the travel category will earn you a commission of 7%.  Not a bad little earner as most people travel with at least 1 other person, and if they all need equipment…

Other items under hiking or camping categories earn affiliates a commission of 3.5%.  Remember, that there will likely be seasonal spikes in sales.


Kayak Affiliate Network

You must have a Travelpayout account to join the Kayak affiliate program, but that’s dead easy to get.  Membership approval might take some days, after which you will be able to work as an affiliate of the program. This affiliate network has a GEO requirement; affiliates can only earn commissions on referrals from Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, the UK, and the USA.



Their affiliate links work in 30 minutes after transferring to the official Kayak’s website. Kayak affiliate members earn a 50% commission of the total revenue gotten from each booking.


Travel Affiliate Conclusion

If you are a blogger or own a website, you might want to earn some extra dollars by linking up with the above travel affiliate programs. There are other multiple travel affiliate programs on the internet and so the opportunity to earn some extra cash is amazing. The possibilities of expanding your own business are endless too.  For instance, imagine if you saw a high percentage of your readers were purchasing small travel bags from Amazon.

You could design your bag, swap the links in your blog and there you are, your physical product line!


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