US Monitor Review: How To Make Money as a Mail Decoy

US Monitor Review: Can you make money using US Monitor?

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Welcome to our US Monitor review.  Several people are turning to self-employment and freelancing, which is a pretty good idea for several reasons. There are loads of websites where you can make money without having to deal with a stressful commute and then sit behind an office desk for hours on end.

In case you are looking for something that you can do while at home, this could be an option. The problem is there are a lot of scams and it’s difficult to determine which money-making schemes are worth it.

In this article, we will take a look at one opportunity; US Monitor. It is a postal service that has always been used for marketing. Companies and people in business are trying hard to get their products out there, so they rely on such sites. 

The question is.  What’s in it for you?

Let’s take an in-depth look at US Monitor from the perspective of how good an opportunity it presents to make you some extra cash.

What is US Monitor?

Popularly known as USM, this is a direct mail service company that was founded in 1973. Its headquarters are in New York City, where the founders lived. It was built by Anita and Marty Sass, who passed on a few years ago. 

Companies mainly use it in search of quality control and efficient management of their mailing services. US Monitor, therefore, have mail decoys who receive different mailings from the company. 

You are definitely wondering how comes this postal service still thrives in this time and day where the internet runs the world. As old school as it may sound, several companies and businesses still depend on postal services to market their products and expand their outreach. 

For sure, some of it will be classed as junk mail but have a think about the ones that grab your attention.  For example, does the Dominos Pizza menu with huge discounts appeal?  You can bet your bottom dollar it does to a lot of people otherwise it wouldn’t be sent out.

Let us take an in-depth look at how you can become a mail decoy with US Monitor. 

How to sign up to US Monitor

You will need to sign up if you want to be a mail decoy. There is an application form that you will be issued, which lists all the requirements. If you live in a big city, kindly use the extra four digits at the end of your zip code if you want to be on the safer side. 

There are some basic questions to answer, such as:

  • How long have you lived at your residence?
  • Any plans to move?
  • Where will you process the mail
  • When will you work (AM / PM / Evening)
  • Can you store 100 pieces of mail for a month?
  • How many vacations you take a year


After the application, you will wait for an email informing you about the application status. The site can either inform you that they are looking for people in your area or not. If they do not want people from your area, your form will be kept on a file for roughly one year, in case an opportunity comes up. 

If your application is successful, the site will offer additional information that will guide you. 

How does US Monitor work? 

Well, to make money off this site, you have to be a mail decoy. You will be entered into the company mailing list, after which you will be getting different mailings regularly. These include offers, newsletters, catalogs, and flyers. 

Once you receive the mailings, you log in and inform the company that you have received whatever they have sent. You will also be required to give more information about the mail, which should not be challenging. What condition did it arrive in, for example?

The company might request you to respond to an offer that you received just to determine how long a return response might take. There are special codes on the mail which will ease identification and sorting. You do not want to confuse the different pieces. 

Depending on what the company wants, you may be asked to keep the mail for seven or more days or discard it instantly. They also provide prepaid envelopes where you can return it, and at times, you may be requested to photograph the mail, scan it and send a copy right away.

Any requirement to work for the US Monitor? 

Fortunately, you do not need any form or type of special training to be eligible for this service. However, you must have a computer, a camera, and a digital scanner owing to the nature of the work presented. 

You must also have a valid postal address where the mail will be sent. Therefore, make sure that you have a zip code. The biggest requirement is availability. You must process the mail each day, and if by any chance you will not be available, you must find someone willing to do that for you. 

It would help if you also were flexible since the company may request several things regarding the post you receive. 

How much will you get paid? 

Unfortunately, this site offers a small stipend at the end of the month. You will only get ten dollars at the end of each month, which is considerably low. There are also other payment opportunities, which are not that lucrative either. 

The site will pay you for every processed piece of mail that comes to around 25 cents. It is not as lucrative since you will only get a few pieces of these every day. However, with time, things do get better, and the number of mails rapidly increases. 

Monthly calculation brings this amount to roughly forty dollars a month, which is really low. However, it could be considered worthwhile since you will be getting paid for a service that you always do for free with your own post. 

How are you paid? 

Once you have earned your amount from the processed mails, your earnings are payable during the middle of the month via cheque. The company does not have any form of electronic payment. That’s a shame as it means you’ll have to cash the cheque and wait for it to clear.

Any restrictions?

This service is not available in many countries. It only covers those in the United States, Canada, and a few other countries, thereby locking out several potential mail decoys. 

US Monitor reviews 

Due to the nature of this site, you can count on people talking. One pro that we can establish is that people appreciate that there are no complicated tasks and errands to run. The company guides you on what to do, which are all basic things. 

However, there are a few cons that we also established. First, the payment is very poor. A monthly stipend of ten dollars in the world that we live in is absurd. You will earn roughly $40 or $35, which cannot sustain you. 

Also, there are no deposits or PayPal options, which is a big disadvantage. You will have to wait for your check to arrive and even take it physically to the bank. 

Is the US Monitor legit? 

This company has existed for more than four decades, and people have been earning from it. However, it does not qualify as a good work-at-home income generation source owing to its poor payment.


Whilst you will not become rich, or even earn enough to pay your bills, with this side gig, it is legitimate and not overly time-consuming.

However, do bear in mind the mail arrives 6 days a week and there are time pressures to report back and so from that perspective, it may be a little tie. It is a shame there is no electronic payment option, such as PayPal, and it loses a point for this!  

Will you be able to do this for the long-term?  Probably not.  Whilst the postal service has been around for a lot longer than the internet, the speed at which businesses can reach their customer base and engage with them by email, social media etc, calls into question the longevity of this gig.

If you are interested in working from home as a freelancer, check out our article on the best jobs, it should inspire you to see what’s out there.

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