VoxxLife Review – Is it a SCAM Or a LEGIT MLM?

Voxxlife Review – Can you make money selling Voxx Socks?


Welcome to our VoxxLife review.  In this era and time, making money online to supplement your income has been simplified. Once you have a stable internet connection and a phone or a laptop, you can rake in decent income without leaving the house. You only have to find a good site that you can work with. 

In this article, we will explore VoxxLife, which is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Such companies offer incentives when you refer others and run a few errands or offer a few services, such as selling their products. However, before you commit all your time, and maybe money, to one, you have to ensure that it is legitimate. 

What is VoxxLife? 

VoxxLife is a unique MLM company founded by Jay Dhaliwal in 2010. The company was formed following his journey of discovery following his mother’s diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in the early 1980s.  He searched for possible treatments that were effective and non-invasive and this meant VoxxHPT was born.  Over 3 million people have used this new technology since 2016.

VoxxLife mainly deals with Human Performance Technology– embedded socks and insoles. What these HPT products do is to stimulate brain stem homeostasis, which in return improves the performance of the athlete. 

These products also help you improve your blood circulation, relieving your leg pains, and reducing any swelling. Therefore, VoxxLife is not a pyramid scheme but a legit MLM company since its main focus is on referrals and product sales. Let us look more into this. 

How to sign up to VoxxLife.com

You will have to part with a few dollars when joining this site. Unfortunately, it is not one of those sites where you sign and start marketing or referring friends for money. You will pay $40 for a membership, giving you access to brochures, order forms, advertising items, and a pair of socks. 

The website is pretty decent for the average internet user. We do not, therefore, expect that you will experience any hardship navigating the site. Also, you will have to work after paying for membership before you start earning some money. 

VoxxLife products 

Since this is an MLM company, it deals with a range of products that you will have to promote and sell to earn money. VoxxLife mainly focuses on products touching on foot health that are pretty unique. Therefore, do not expect to find most of these products in other MLM companies. This is their major selling point and the uniqueness of the products means this could be a great opportunity.

As it stands, the company mainly has VoxxLife insoles and socks. Their athletic performance socks cost $30-$45 a pair, which is relatively on the higher side. The line of insoles is known as Voxx Sol. They are mainly worn to improve balance and stability and cost an extra $5. 


This site has super amazing and exceptional products. The socks are available in 4 different categories:

  • Wellness / casual
  • Athletic
  • Lifestyle
  • Work & outdoor

Again, this is a major plus because you won’t only be marketing these to people who play sports, but rather ‘everyday’ people who suffer from leg pains.  The design of the socks is very good and they won’t look out of place in the office, gym, social scene, etc.

The Insoles also have 4 categories:

  • Wellness
  • Classic
  • Performance
  • Thin soles

They are all designed to fit inside the shoe and be completely hidden.  From a sales perspective, having different options is great because one person who plays sport could buy a Performance insole and a Classic for both their exercise sessions and everyday activity.

How to make money with VoxxLife

This is the most important part of our discussion. It would help if you had a clear overview of how you can make money from a site so that you do no end up disappointed once you join. This site requires you to sell their products and refer more members if you want to earn. This model is no different from any other MLM.

You will learn that there are two memberships, all at different prices. You can either choose to be a Practitioner or an Associate. To be the latter, you have to part with $40, which is open for everybody. To be a Practitioner, you must have the required credentials. 


You will only be a Practitioner if you are an approved wellness practitioner. This is open for doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and medical or health professionals. If you qualify, you will enjoy a 50% profit margin for each of the products sold. However, there is a catch. 

To enjoy such a huge commission, you have to complete a personal purchase of $400 on any of the products released by the company. When you join, you will also be required to pay $40, just like the associate.


Being an Associate also has its perks. You won’t have to make a hundred dollars purchase to be eligible for some money. You can decide to buy individual products at a minimal wholesale sum. Essentially there are 3 ways to make money as an associate:

  • Direct product sales
  • Commissions from web referrals
  • Team sales

On top of the $40 joining fee, you have to choose and purchase a starter kit, either bronze, silver, or gold. To qualify for a bronze bonus, you need to purchase $200. 

The silver bonus requires a $400 purchase, and gold requires $600. Keep in mind that these bonuses have different attached values. An excellent hack that might help you navigate through is buying the launch kit when you sign up. 

From these launch kits, you will get a wide variety of products at a relatively lower cost, which should be your mission. Remember, it is a one-time offer, only valid when you join the site for the first time. 

Here are the bonuses:

  • Bronze – $45 value products
  • Silver – $180 value products
  • Gold – $405 value products

VoxxLife website sales

If you make any direct sales via the website, you will attract a 25% commission for both the memberships. 

Build your VoxxLife sales team

You can also build your team thanks to the seven leadership ranks included in the compensation plan

Being an Associate does not pay instantly. You will have to work harder and advance to level two. You also need to bring along two associates so that you can earn commissions from their sales. This does not sound like a good thing. 

On the brighter side, once you rank up, you will be paid commission up to eight levels. If you bring along a new associate who completes his or her purchase, you will earn a 20% commission from the sales. 

The site also allows you to make indirect commissions, which is 2.5% of what your direct downlines have made. The higher your ranking, the more commissions you will net. Lastly, you can also be eligible for a leadership bonus. 

You will be awarded the leadership bonus on top of your sales commission if you manage to reach the director’s rank or beyond. To be a director, you must have two team leaders, two qualified associates, and a $200 personal monthly purchase. 


How much money will you make with VoxxLife? 

You can make a pretty good income once you advance and build a team. There are also several bonuses that you can take advantage of. All you need to do is refer more people and improve your ranking. 

In simple terms, you buy the VoxxLife product at a wholesale price, say a 25% discount, and sell at the full retail price.  The difference is the money you make.  So, more sales equals better pay.

There are so many ways you can market this product.  You could choose a traditional MLM favorite and host parties, create a social media following, take out paid ads, etc.,  The downside is the product is not a repeat order, and certainly not any time soon.  Think about how often you would buy a pair of these socks?  You would want them to last a long time.

Is there any training?

Yes, VoxxLife has training and social events you can attend and you will receive access to marketing materials.  VoxxLife will give you a replicated website to sell through and a back office to help you manage finances.  Videos will be made available to you too.

VoxxLife reviews 

MLM sites attract a lot of talks. Some of the good aspects of VoxxLife that people appreciate is that it does not force associates to maintain monthly auto-ship orders and volume requirements so that they can earn. 

However, most people are also complaining about the personal purchases that one needs to make before earning. This site is not, therefore, suitable for people with less or no capital. You have to have some cash to make some cash here.

Is VoxxLife legit? 

Yes. Voxxlife is legit. However, if you are looking for a site where you can easily make a decent income without spending a penny, this is not the right one. 

A slight red flag for us is there is no VoxxLife Income Disclosure Statement.  This is a very important document as it states what percentage of their Associates are earning money, and, crucially, how much.  Our best guess is not many because customers can purchase directly from the VoxxLife website without the need of any Associate making a referral.

This is something you will need to bear in mind because VoxxLife is a big brand and they have a product that has had a lot of scientific research put into it.  Therefore, customers are most likely going to either hear about them directly, or put their symptoms into Google and, either way, the VoxxLife website will come up.  You won’t be earning any commission from these direct sales.

This is not the best, or easiest, way to make money online and we don’t like the fact that you are competing against VoxxLife for sales.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
Our favorite way to make money online

Ever heard of affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product to a customer and you receive a commission. This is essentially what you would be doing when promoting VoxxLife products, only our method earns you a staggeringly higher commission.  Plus, you WILL NOT be competing with the product owner for sales!

ClickBank is the best platform to use to sell digital products online.  Although they have every niche and category covered, there are 3 best niches to sell in.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self-help

VoxxIfe is in the health niche so for this review we’ll show you some excellent health products offered on ClickBank that you could sell.

Look at the commissions!  All of them over $100 per sale.  Way higher than VoxxLife can offer you.  You may be wondering what’s the catch?  Well, there isn’t one because all of these products are exceptional quality (otherwise they wouldn’t be on ClickBank), they have the marketing tools, email swipes, landing pages, customer base information available to you for free.  For FREE!  No joining fee, no inventory to buy, no account fee.  ClickBank also deals with refunds, returns, and anything to do with the customer. 

You just need to promote it in the same way you would VoxxLife.  But, that’s the difficult part.  Or, is it?

Most people fail at this because they don’t learn the process properly, or at all.  You have the chance to earn life-changing sums of money, it’s not unheard of for beginners to earn $1000 a day, so make sure you invest in your learning first.  You will thank yourself that you did!

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion
What is the best method to make money online?

ClickBank University is the number 1 affiliate marketing course and the only official course offered by ClickBank.  Sure, there are other courses and people you can learn from, but from a beginners perspective, it is the best.

The course does not presume you have any knowledge of making money online, paid ads, writing sales copy, and so on.  Other courses throw you straight in and expect you to grasp it, which is great, but what if you don’t?  That feeling of being overwhelmed is very powerful and can stop you from progressing.  ClickBank University is a course designed by experts for beginners and it will go at your pace.

The support offered by the team is amazing.  They have a Facebook group, forums, live Q&As, so if you have any queries they will help you.  Because the course opens up at your pace, by the end of it you will be all set and primed to make money online.  Just follow the step-by-step guide they show you, implement it when they say so, and your chances of success are very high.

If you would like more information about the course, we have written a detailed ClickBank University 2.0 review here.

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