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What is WAHVE?

WAHVE, fully known as Work At Home Vintage Experts, is an online platform that helps retired or experienced professionals in different fields to stay productive and achieve a greater work balance. It also helps employers in the accounting, human resources, and insurance field benefit from some of the industry’s best professionals. 

It was founded in 2010 by Sharin Emek, whose main aim was to create a team of retired professionals with vast experience in different fields. He wanted to keep these people valued and engaged. 

This site uses an innovative work-at-home model to contract retired professionals based on job demands. They can either work full-time or part-time, depending on their schedules. It has a unique qualifying process and a second-to-none technology platform that makes good use of vintage talent. It boasts of over 500 vintage experts working for different clients on a full-time contractual basis. 

The company’s goal is to demystify the hiring of qualified accountants and insurance professionals by offering them an opportunity to work from home. Its mission is to make pre-retirement an opportunity for people to enjoy a continued career for a greater life-work balance. 

How to sign up to WAHVE 

To become a WAHVE member, you have to apply. You will then be assigned a qualifying specialist to discuss your needs and how the application works. You will then be required to fill an in-depth application and interview, which will confirm your professional background and qualifications. 

From these questions, the qualifying professional will know the type of work you want and the hours you can work. There is also a preliminary profile that you will have to complete first. Some of the information needed include your contact information, date of birth, work experience, and employment status. 

What qualifications does WAHVE require? 

This platform does not pick just any candidate. To be eligible, you must have vast experience in your area of expertise. The site has what is referred to as a ‘phased retirement’ database, which is a detailed list of qualified insurance people. 

Most people who qualify for these posts have 25+ years’ experience in their areas of specialization. They also have degrees and licenses and are willing to work remotely on given projects to help them stay engaged and appreciated. 

The qualification process is quite detailed. It includes online timed computer skills, basic skills, personality, insurance knowledge evaluations, and several references and background checks. This platform has cross-checked several things before employing one. 

Once you have qualified, the platform will ensure that you have the latest systems and programs and dual monitors, which will make you comfortable to handle the work at hand. Qualified candidates should also have a dedicated home office. 

WAHVE hiring process 

Knowing the hiring process will help you understand what to expect and how to apply for a slot. Before you are hired, the interested company will fill a job request giving the site administrators the particulars of the task at hand. 

The administrators will then send your resumes to the interested employers. In case you are lucky to be selected, you will be notified and enter into a contract on a dedicated basis. 

WAHVE will then set up the remote connectivity between you and the company’s or employers’ systems and train you on your workflow, which will not take many days. Once everything is set, and you start working, the platform bills the employer an hourly fee. 


How to make money with WAHVE 

This platform allows retired career professionals to make money on contractual terms. The employees are picked to meet the company’s talent needs. People, therefore, make money by filling the corporate talent gap. 

It focuses on three fields, which are accounting, Human resources, and insurance staffing. Here are some of the positions that one can take up to make some money from his/ her home’s comfort. 

  • Accounting 

With WAHVE, you can make money by filling in several accounting positions. You can choose to be an accounting clerk, accounts receivable clerk, CFO, Compliance auditor, accounts payable clerk, bookkeeper, controller, assistant controller, and many other accounting roles. 

  • Human Resource 

One can also choose to be a Human Resource professional with WAHVE. Some of the present positions are administrative assistant, project manager, training and development manager, payroll administrator, talent acquisition officer, and office administrator. 

  • Insurance positions 

This online platform also has openings for insurance positions and employs the best talents to fill the different employment gaps. Therefore, you can choose to be a marketer, underwriter, underwriting support, policy rater, marketer, claims assistant, quality control manager, CSR assistant, and sales assistant. 

You will be paid for your services when you take up these roles. You will still get to enjoy your retirement since you will be working from home. You do not have to struggle with office work when you are meant to rest after your retirement. 

All applicants are often interviewed and added to a pool of ready workers. You will then be matched with jobs. You should be ready to get employed for both part-time and temporary positions, which you can do at the comfort of your home. 

How does WAHVE work?

This site only acts as a go-between, linking you with the corporates in need of experienced professionals. They also offer equipment to workers where required, which means that the site will cut part of your wage. This percentage is not disclosed. 

In case you want to thrive working on this platform, you need to know your financial requirements before entering any contract. Keep in mind that these contracts are legally binding, and therefore, a breach may lead to repercussions. 

Keep in mind that no freelancer or employing company will see you until you have shown that you are qualified. This site does not even want your resume; all you need to do is apply to their system, which creates your resume. 

You do not have to be 50 years or older, as most sites put it. Even if you are below 50, the site will put you through the same process to ensure that you can handle everything expected of you. This has helped the company bring lots of diversity. 

How much will I make? 

WAHVE, just like any other site, does not limit your earning potential. The money that you will receive depends on the contract you land and the level of expertise required. However, before you sign a contract, you will know about the payment details. 

However, being a link between employers and employees, it charges a fee that is deducted from the wages you get. All in all, the cost of employment in this platform depends on the type of level of work that you will get. 

If you work as a customer service or account manager, you will enjoy an hourly rate of $25 to $30 per hour. Full-time professionals are up to $51 000 annually, which is impressive given that you will have retired. 

This is not a fixed rate since the higher levels, and expert work allows one to negotiate the hourly rate. You can therefore end up earning more than most full-time workers. You will not get any additional charges, employee benefits, or office overhead, given that you will be working from home.

Joining requirements

You must have extensive experience in your field of expertise and pass an interview and further screening to be part of the professionals. 

WAHVE online reviews

WAHVE links people who are experienced in the related fields with corporate employers, and therefore, there are observations from both the professionals and the employers. Most employees love that they can still make money from the comfort of their houses even after retirement, instead of spending days on end on their favorite couch doing nothing. 

From the different reviews, we have managed to come up with a list of pros and cons that you need to know before working with WAHVE. 


  • Allows retirees to earn some money

WAHVE has given several retired professionals a chance to make money. Most people spend their days playing golf or watching television after retirement while exhausting their pension plans and retirement benefits. 

It allows individuals to continue earning and sustaining their lives while enjoying their retirement benefits and pensions. Most of the professionals working with WAHVE land jobs that they were doing previously, which is a huge advantage given that they are experienced in those fields. One’s expert skills are also put to the test daily, which allows you to be at your best. 

  •  Provides an escape from the office setting

Working at home has its perks, especially for retirees. You do not have to wake up early and go to the office or sit behind an office desk for hours. WAHVE makes working at home an amazing experience since they facilitate remote connectivity. Therefore, one can wake up, fix coffee, and get down to work while still in pajamas. 

 Most retirees are also quite old, and therefore expecting them to wake u to the same office routine would be unfair. Employees have the privilege of doing everything from their living room or home office. 

  • Job flexibility

There are several jobs that you can take up with WAHVE depending on your skillset. You can also choose to work on a part-time or full-time basis, which will be communicated before taking up a job. 

We have looked at some of the fields that this site majors in, and it is quite evident from the examples that it provided several job openings. You do not have to change your career line with WAHVE, provided that your profession is covered. 

You are also allowed to make your working hours and work anywhere provided that you have a strong internet connection. 

  • Room for negotiation for highly skilled labor

Though WHAVE may pay lower than what one earns at the peak of his career, it allows people to negotiate rates for skilled work or jobs that need lots of expertise. This will be done before you take up a contract. 

 Also, the rates are quite competitive, and you can make a good amount depending on your skill set, profession, and level of expertise. Keep in mind that this job employs people who have lots of experience in different fields for over twenty years.  

  • Stress-free environment

Most people who transitioned from office settings to WAVHE have observed that it provides a stress-free environment. It allows them to work while still focusing on their personal lives. 

This is constant even for people on full-term contractual terms as they are only expected to work only the number of hours necessary to complete their tasks. Users have also observed that they are allowed to have teammates who are often supportive and helpful. 

WAHVE leadership will always check in with you from time to time to ascertain that you are okay. This platform, therefore, endeavors to give retirees the best. One enjoys a stress-free, supportive environment and good remunerations.


Despite all these positive sides of WAHVE, users have also complained about a few issues: 

  • No benefits

Even though WAHVE fills the existing corporate gaps, professionals do not enjoy any benefit, which is a huge concern. One would expect some benefits given that this platform also provided full-term employment for retirees. 

You will not enjoy any health insurance, leave, paid vacation, and any other benefits that people get in the corporate world. Even though they offer competitive wage rates, one still expects a few benefits to spice things up.  

  • Lack of stability

Unless you are employed on a full-term basis, and the employer is clear enough, you can never know when the net assignment will begin. This is quite a big disadvantage, especially for people who love planning their work. 

  • Less Pay

Competitive rates does not mean good pay. The truth of the matter is that this company does not pay you the amount proportional to your skillset. Keep in mind that they deduct a certain amount from your wage since they are in business, which will leave you earning lesser than you once did. 

Is WAHVE legit? 

Yes. WAHVE is a legit company, having created jobs for several retirees over the years. 

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