What is Clickbank University 2.0?

How ClickBank University 2.0 Will Jump-Start Your Online Marketing Career


Clickbank University 2.0 is the go-to resource to learn how to sell products off the ClickBank platform. Based on estimated data from SimilarWeb, ClickBank gets roughly 4 million views every month.

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ClickBank University (CB) is a major affiliate marketing network, globally. What makes it stand out from many other affiliate marketing networks is the ClickBank University 2.0, designed to train affiliates, vendors, and online marketers in general. That means, they not only provide a major affiliate marketing platform, but also provide extensive training to help you in utilizing it fully.

This guide will show you how beginner online marketers can gain a lot from the ClickBank University. But first, let’s cover a bit of what makes ClickBank so special.

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What is ClickBank?

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ClickBank has carved out a special niche in selling digital products globally. Although the platform offers various physical products like books, DVDs, and supplements; it excels in digital products. The ease of selling and marketing digital products online has helped the platform expand to 190 countries and reaching 200 million customers.

Another valuable feature is ClickBank’s support for numerous individual vendors and affiliates. The fact that this platform doesn’t just focus on large companies means many individual online marketers get the opportunity to build their businesses through ClickBank. Best of all, ClickBank provides a trusted and reliable platform that potential customers will confidently use to purchase products.

This helps small vendors and affiliates leverage on the trust and authority of such an established platform. The ClickBank University was likely created to further help small vendors and affiliates grow on the platform. ClickBank University 2.0 (the enhanced version of ClickBank University) contains valuable resources that are particularly useful to online marketers.

How ClickBank University 2.0 Helps Beginner Online Marketers

Generating constant, reliable, and high-converting traffic is the lifeblood of online marketing. ClickBank University 2.0 (CBU) can help with that. ClickBank University features in-depth resources on traffic generation from some of the most successful online marketers. And those resources are conveniently accessible from the links on the main “Introduction to Traffic” page.

The traffic lessons focus on four of the most effective methods of getting massive traffic online: Facebook ads, paid search ads, Instagram shoutouts, and YouTube ads.


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How to Set Up a Successful Facebook Ad with Robby Blanchard

Facebook facilitates highly targeted ads, so you can get the highest returns. However, despite having a wide range of customization options on Facebook Ads, many beginners and even professionals still have a hard time targeting the right audience.

Some of the challenging issues online marketers encounter with Facebook ads include:

  • figuring out if Facebook ads will work for your business
  • properly navigating through the Facebook promotional tools
  • understanding your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • ensuring your split tests are statistically significant
  • understanding Facebook’s attribution models
  • figuring out how to leverage the power of lookalike audiences
  • using location targeting options that make the most sense for your business
  • applying effective remarketing and using proper audience segmentation
  • how to test and grade many creative and copy variations


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Therefore, in this training, Robby Blanchard covers every conceivable aspect of Facebook Ad targeting, which you can use to identify the right audience.

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When you pay for search advertising, you have no guarantee that you’ll get any returns for your investment. You might end up with zero sales. That’s why you need a thorough understanding of how to manage paid search ads before you implement it. Better still; get the insights from someone who has had a proven and highly successful track record of doing so: Fred Lam.

In this tutorial, Fred helps both beginners and even professionals to understand vital features of paid search ads that can drastically improve your chances of getting a handsome profit. One of the main aspects is the right metrics to measure.

Such aspects as ‘Click Through Rate’ (the percentage of people clicking to your site), ad relevance, and landing page experience will heavily influence your ROI (return on investment).


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You should also be well-versed in the specific types of keywords to target to reach the right audience.

Various other aspects to consider in paid ads include:

  • targeting the right demographics, which means groups of people who are most likely to buy
  • finding the right bidding price so you get the best ad placement cheaply
  • testing various elements of your ads including headlines, product images, copy, and offers
  • identifying and filtering out negative keywords that can cause your ads to display to the wrong audience
  • budgeting for an entire ad campaign so you get the best results and put the most investment on the most valuable ads


The tutorial by Fred provides a comprehensive breakdown of multiple aspects that you can start applying to your ad campaign to get tangible results. What makes it particularly special is The Infinite Loophole TechniqueTM designed to ensure the highest return on your paid search ads.

Using Instagram Shoutouts to Drive Traffic with Adam Horwitz



The Instagram training promotes the idea of leveraging on a little upfront spending to get a much greater impact. The basic concept is all about using Instagram influencers to make your initial sales, then make even more money by re-targeting the people who visited your squeeze page on Facebook. Besides that, you can make even more money through email marketing of similar products.

The whole setup is pretty simple, but the challenge comes in managing the entire process.

You have to consider multiples aspects for successful Instagram marketing, including:

  • deciding on the most appropriate form of shoutouts (with or without photos)
  • determining the most effective objective such as getting subscribers or conversions
  • vetting the right influencers based on follower count, content and tone, and engagement
  • interacting and building a solid relationship with influencers
  • following the best practices on Instagram


Beginners often assume that influencers with the largest follower counts will deliver the best results for them. However, that may not always be the case. You might end up paying a lot of money for a shoutout from such influencers and getting no results. Instead, you need an effective method to figure out the best influencers that match your marketing efforts.

Those are the insights you get through this lesson on Instagram Shoutouts. It equips learners with an intricate understanding of the many factors to consider and how to achieve the best results.

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Setting Up Simple YouTube Ads with Jon Penberthy



Because mobile video consumption is rising by 100% yearly, YouTube serves as one of the best platforms for online marketers to reach potential buyers. No doubt, ClickBank University recognizes the value of YouTube, since they included it among its four lessons on generating traffic.

As valuable as YouTube Ads maybe, they involve a bit more complex than simple text and image ads. However, the added complexity also creates greater opportunities. This is because you get a wider array of ad placement options and ad formats.

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When setting up YouTube ads, you must consider such aspects as:

  • selecting the most appropriate ad format, including bumper ads, sponsored cards, and display ads
  • planning different campaigns for In-Stream (play before, during, or after videos) and Discovery Ads
  • figuring out the best targeting options to reach the highest converting audiences
  • deploying remarketing to follow website visitors through social platforms via the display network
  • driving action through interactive elements on ads with compelling calls-to-action

ClickBank University’s YouTube ads course provides a thorough explanation of every step involved to help you fully grasp every aspect.

Some of the highlights of the training lessons include:

  • a niche example with placement and keyword research
  • using Google’s free keyword tool (Keyword Planner)
  • a simple video example
  • steps in setting up your ad
  • a typical campaign setup
  • appropriate geographical locations to advertise to
  • how to target specific demographics
  • telling YouTube where to advertise
  • how to bid effectively
  • how to add your video and call to action links
  • looking at and evaluating your results
  • how to get YouTube to track conversions on your site
  • the most important aspects of video ads
  • how long to make your video ad
  • how long it takes to be successful


Through this comprehensive course, you’ll have practical skills that you can apply right away in your online marketing pursuits.

Additional Courses for Online Marketers


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To get the right traffic, online marketers need several other skills like market and customer research, and copywriting. With market research, you can identify the best target audience that will be best served by your marketing efforts. Combined with highly persuasive copywriting, the marketing research will ensure that you pull in lots of traffic.

ClickBank University 2.0 gives special emphasis to those two skills (market research and copywriting), and offers individual courses for each.

Market and Customer Research


In the US, 60% of all market research spending goes to online market research. This shows how valuable the online space is to every marketer. As an online marketer, you have the privilege of leveraging the Internet to maximize your exposure and reach as many people as possible. Online platforms provide effective ways of analyzing the exact nature of your market and target customers.

However, just because the online space is more conducive to market research compared to offline platforms, it doesn’t mean that the process is a walk in the park.

Numerous aspects come to play including:

  • determining the specific type of data you need and how to acquire it without bias
  • setting the most appropriate budget to produce the best results from your research
  • having reasonable timelines so you can complete your research before any opportunity passes
  • identifying a well-defined target audience based on multiple demographic traits
  • analyzing and accurately interpreting the data to produce useful results
  • planning out the right actions to take in line with the findings of your research


The market & customer research course on ClickBank University provides in-depth lessons to help you achieve all these. Through it, you can refine your online marketing to be highly efficient and effective.

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The ClickBank University 2.0 Official Copywriting Guide


Do you know that compelling copy can draw 7.8 times more traffic to your site, produce brand recall, and bring higher engagement rates? This can save you so much money in marketing costs. Instead of spending more on ads to get more conversions, you can increase the conversions with your existing ads simply by improving the ad copy.

While at it, you can also improve the copy on your squeeze page.

What makes copy so compelling is the myriad of aspects involved, including:

  • doing background research on the content to deliver an authoritative copy to convey your message
  • figuring out the most effective writing style that will resonate with your target audience
  • adopting the right voice which ensures audiences feel your passion and conviction for the message
  • researching on the target audience to figure out what makes them tick and what they dislike
  • coming up with the most captivating headline to draw your audience to read
  • having a clear and powerful call to action that moves audiences


To simplify all these aspects for you, the official copywriting guide by ClickBank University provides 77 tips to enhance your copy. This helps you adopt all the right copywriting aspects that will transform your copy. With that, you can apply it directly to your copy.

ClickBank University 2.0 Conclusion

ClickBank University 2.0 provides a complete range of resources that online marketers need. The courses available can help online marketers get started pretty fast, since the lessons are incredibly practical. Most of all, the step-by-step lessons are designed to help beginners who have little understanding of online marketing.

Despite being beginner-friendly, the extensive information available is also beneficial to experienced online marketers. This training course is probably the only thing you would need to start making CB passive income.

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