How To Make Money Using WhatUsersDo

Can you make money using WhatUsersDo?


Welcome to our in-depth review of WhatUsersDo.  The side hustle economy is booming, with one-third of Americans taking side gigs to make a little extra money. People use location tracking apps, survey sites, and receipt/shopping apps to add an odd dollar here and there. Surveys, in particular, help the survey taker with a little cash and the company being surveyed receives feedback on its product. 

Many survey sites are scams, but some are worth investigating. WhatUsersDo is a survey company that tracks how users respond to websites and pay participants to record their responses.


What is WhatUsersDo?

WhatUsersDo is a Userzoom Company that is being rebranded as Intellizoom Panel.  We recently reviewed Intellizoom. It is a platform that facilitates the interaction between company websites and consumers. Companies pay WhatUsersDo to arrange for people to record themselves as they access the websites.

In exchange, you are paid for your time and effort, and it is one of several survey companies that specialize in user interfaces. The company is based in the U.K. and has three options for potential clients. A single project will garner ten user response video surveys and costs £650. For an annual sum of £10,000, a company can have unlimited access to reviews. For general research, a phone number is provided for customer service. website

The landing page for WhatUsersDo is directed toward potential client companies. The main page explains what is offered in three steps.

  1. Review videos of users navigating their websites.
  2. Identify bugs and glitches.
  3. Improve the customer experience.

On the upper left navigation bar, there are several buttons for potential clients and there is one button for potential testers. This leads to a simple page with the option to log in or sign up. Clicking either redirects to the IntelliZoom Panel landing page. Up to this point, no explanation of pay requirements is available.  The website is straightforward to use but vague as to why someone would want to be a tester. 

Requirements, either for an individual or for necessary technology, are not mentioned but it is much clearer why a potential client would be interested in contacting the company.



How to sign up to WhatUsersDo

One-click from the IntelliZoom landing page opens a page with only a box for email entry. After an email is entered, a popup appears stating that an email with a password is on the way to you. It is unclear if this is for existing WhatUsersDo testers only or if it will assist in signing up to be a tester. The IntelliZoomPanel logo is clickable and takes you to a new user sign up page.  For full information about how to become a tester, click here


What are the joining requirements?

Requirements to be a tester are not posted clearly on either the WhatUsersDo or IntelliZoom pages. This information is only available on the terms of service link, and only if it is read carefully. 

You must:

  • Be over 18
  • Have access to high-speed broadband
  • Own an Apple Computer with at least OS X 10.7
  • Or a PC with Windows 7 or higher. 
  • Run the tests privately
  • Have an active Paypal account.
  • Download a UserZoom recorder which will video them while testing. 

Absolute confidentiality is expected. All videos are property of UserZoom and will be used at their discretion.


What is the pay like?

The potential pay listed is also unclear, with the website stating the pay rate is £5.  This is about half of what other similar websites offer. The participants can expect between one and five surveys each week, so this suggests a weekly pay of £25. The money is deposited into the participants PayPal account once a month.

But, there is a list of reasons that you may not be paid. The terms of service specifically state:

If we’ve promised to pay you, we’ll pay you via PayPal after you complete a Study; however, we may not pay you if you didn’t complete the Study properly, or for some other reason.” 


WhatUsersDo reviews



The Reviews for this service were fairly harsh. Trustpilot gave the site 2.5 stars and Glassdoor gave it 2.8 stars, out of 5. The best reviews were older, dating before the UserZoom takeover. The pay was consistent, the surveys were quick and the software worked well. During and after the acquisition, the ratings dropped significantly. Many complained that thirty minutes or more into the survey, the software glitched, and as the study was deemed incomplete, the participant did not get paid. 

Others completed surveys, but for “some other reason” they were not paid. Attempts to contact the company directly or through social media went unanswered. The other important comments pointed out that the pay was significantly lower, half in fact, of other website survey companies. There is a long process to be chosen to take a survey, including taking a survey to see if the participant will qualify.

This is unpaid, and after using a considerable amount of time trying to qualify for various surveys, with only one or two surveys completed in a month. This was deemed an excessive amount of work for £5 or £10 per month.  In the end, it seems that WhatUsersDo is no longer functioning as a stand-alone survey company. 


Is WhatUsersDo a scam?

If you were working with WhatUsersDo, your account will be converted to an IntellizoomPanel account. New users will work directly with the new company. The potential pay is lower than similar side hustles, with the possibility of making £20- £100 per month, but most likely £20 or under. A significant effort must be put forth to qualify for a survey with no guarantee of pay, and the software may have frequent glitches. 

There is little direction on its website explaining what’s needed to participate. For instance, there is no attempt made to bring a convincing argument for why someone would want to be a tester. 

WhatUsersDo is not a scam, but it is not the best side gig available.


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