YouTube Double Ads – A Great Opportunity?

YouTube Double Ads.


If you like to watch YouTube videos, you might have come across their new YouTube Double Ads feature already. Normally, videos are included with some ads in between during its duration, take it as a commercial break in TV terms.  Now YouTube has introduced 2 ads at the beginning!

This is where the content makers can earn something out of their videos, so it is necessary to compensate them for their efforts. By including ads, they can earn and, therefore, continue making more videos for their subscribers. 


youtube double ads

YouTube developed the ad pods where they can show two ads in a row. They are aiming to develop a better way to manage the ads on this platform so that users can have a better viewing experience with lesser interruptions. However, you still have an option to skip through these ads usually after 3 seconds anyway.


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Therefore, it is still a tolerable experience knowing that you don’t have to expect too many interruptions along the way. Not everybody likes it but by understanding the reasons behind it, you might at least see how it can help the platform.

What are Ad Pods?

YouTube developed ad pods that will allow double ads to show up from the beginning or in the middle of every video. This way, they have created new ways for advertisers to showcase their products and services. It will also help the content makers to earn more out of their content. Since content makers are the ones who created interesting videos for everyone to watch, it’s just right that they should earn from it.

Most of them have to go far just to make a video about their travels. Some even have to go on a ghost-hunt which takes a lot of courage. 

Advertisers are the businesses that pay for ad space so that YouTube will show their ads. This is one of the best ways to have their products and services to be advertised in a more targeted audience. The platform will earn from them to continue developing and making the website to provide a better user experience.

Content makers will get some portion of earnings as well so that they too can keep on making quality content for everybody to enjoy.


How Ad Pods Work

Not all YouTube users will see it 100% whenever they watch videos. If you click the skip button on the first ad, they will be directed to their content. The other ad will no longer show up. The second ad will only show if the first ad was completed. However, you can only skip from the first ad on the first time an ad pod appears on the video you are planning to watch. When it happens again to the other videos that contain an ad pod, you will have the option to skip on the second ad instead.

It’s more of a random thing on YouTube depending on the advertiser. If they are taking advantage of this feature, then you will most likely get ad pods now and then.



When Did This Happen?

It has been introduced since 2018 to make more money for the content makers. It is also a way to provide better value for their advertisers for them to buy the ad space from YouTube. At first, it was just available from accessing YouTube via laptops or desktops. But now, you can experience the double ads whenever you use and watch a Youtube video from your mobile devices.

So don’t get surprised when you see those instead of getting interruptions now and then for. They usually show it at the beginning of the video where you can skip on it so that you can start watching. It can also happen in the middle so you don’t have to expect interruptions for a couple of minutes depending on the length of the video.

Is YouTube Showing More Ads?

Not all service users will see an increased number of ads. It’s not adding more ads but rather consolidating them to have lesser interruptions while watching their favorite videos. However, it may appear for some users that there are more ads as they watch YouTube on their account.

But since Google can access your searches, that might be the reason why you may get more ads compared to other users. But YouTube is not showing more ads in general.



How is it Beneficial?


Less Interruption

YouTube double ads can lessen the interruption instead of always having to stop for an ad every few minutes. It can be frustrating if you are watching a very interesting video and all of a sudden you will get interrupted with an ad.  Although it’s not a very pleasant thing, it will be better to just see these ads from the beginning and in the middle.


Great Way to Earn Money for Content Makers!

Content makers are making videos for them to at least get something out of it. You can’t expect anyone to just do it for free these days. Sure, there will be those who just like to upload their videos. But it won’t be as interesting and may not be made of good quality if it’s for free. Showing these ads can help them to make better videos that everybody will enjoy.



Advertisers Will More Likely Buy the Ad Space

Whether you like it or not, it still has to come down to business. Since YouTube is also investing to improve their platform, they also need to earn out of it. Advertisers are the solution in this type of business so that they can keep on going. It’s still better compared to local television since you don’t have to sit down and wait for longer commercial breaks.

Plus, you have an option to skip the ad after 3 seconds so it’s still better somehow.


How to Stop YouTube Ads

Of course, you have an option not to get these ads to keep on popping out from your YouTube account. If you don’t like to see the ads anymore, then you just have to pay the subscription. Premium will cost you $12 per month to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience. You can also take advantage of the free one month trial period so that you can experience it before you pay. It’s a recurring service but you can cancel at any time.

It also includes YouTube music as well as YouTube Kids.



Its Premium plan will also let you download videos that you can watch offline. You don’t have to be online for up to 30 days to keep your offline videos. It has a special feature where you can let the video on the background even if you have to go to another app on your device or even when it’s locked. They also offer a family plan where you can get up to 6 accounts at one price.

It’s a fair deal for those who don’t like to deal with the ads whenever they watch YouTube videos. 


Update About Ad Pods in 2020

According to the Google blog post, the Chrome browser will start blocking the long, non-skippable pre-roll ads by August of this year. It will also block ads that can consume a huge part of your video, ads that interrupt the videos in the middle, and there should be no ads if you are watching a video under 8 minutes.

This is good news for Chrome users since they can already watch their favorite YouTube channels without too many interruptions. Although ads are a good way for content makers to earn from their videos, it can annoy viewers at the same time. Since it has to comply with the official guidance from the Coalition for Better Ads, they will have to block these crappy ads that also cause interruption to viewers.

Microsoft and Facebook are also in compliance with the Better Ads board.



Although other websites offer video content as well, people tend to still go for YouTube since it has better content, is trusted more, and is owned by Google. This has been a to-go-for video platform from anywhere around the world. That’s the reason why they have to keep it better to gain more users and to keep the existing users entertained with the contents it provides.

The YouTube double ad is another business strategy that they have to try to see if the users will take it as it is or if they will not like the idea. Since they aim to avoid multiple interruptions while showing ads, it might be a better way to manage the ads. After all, if you are one of those who cannot tolerate the ads, you can always just subscribe to the premium account.

This way, you don’t have to deal with whatever type of ads they are planning to incorporate in every video on their platform.


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